You’ve surely tried writing a love poem at least once. Chances are you withdrew, fearing embarrassment. You then contemplated studying love poetry to know how to write a love poem, so you wouldn’t be scared again. Honestly, it’s not as difficult as the papers that CustomEssayMeister expertly produces. With memory, creativity, humor, and rhythm, you can craft love poems for the one you love, meant for times when you feel romantic, any day or occasion. With sincerity, nothing is too difficult. Help yourself to these 7 tips for writing a love poem for Valentine’s Day:

7 Tips For Writing A Love Poem For Valentine’s Day | Uncustomary
Photo by Matt Nelson on Unsplash

1. Feelings. Of course, you can’t possibly write a love poem for her if you’re unsure about her. Does her presence make you feel like nothing else matters? Your heart races yet you’re so relaxed? Don’t be afraid to sound silly. Accurately describe how you feel when you’re with her. Be corny. Be honest.

2. Memory. A romantic love poem for him or her doesn’t necessarily have to be an epic. Go down memory lane, write about the highlights. Were you captured by that smile? What were you doing that time? These moments may seem trivial but they made you fall in love, don’t discount them. Love is not solely about monumental things. The little things are sweeter. So yes, love poems involve a lot of reminiscence.

3. Comparison. Did you view love as only a fairy tale before that day? Remember, love changes your entire being. So it is best to let them know how they changed the way looked at things. Tell how vital their presence is to your life.

“’Twas a year ago, there and then,

  you joyfully became the ink to my pen.”

4. Sensory description. Writing a poem can include sound, taste, and feel that you shared with them. Combine sensory description with your feelings.

For example: you may describe the hard driving rain when you first gave her clues. Or you may describe the smell of smoked salmon when you first dined together. A love poem should read as vivid as possible to stimulate memory.

5. No to clichés, yes to humor. Cliches ruin a poem’s flavor. They are so common to the point that they have become meaningless. Inject humour as well. Your sense of humour is also its best when in love because you’re happy. It’s best for short love poems.


My love for you is like a beautiful rose


Non-cliché and humorous:

My love is like cheesy Instagram quotes,

It’s present even in your morning toasts.

6. Know her. A love poem for her is not possible without this. What are her favourite things? What cracks her up? Does she hate clowns? Writing love poems for the one you love is already sweet. Wouldn’t it be nicer if you can make her ride a little emotional roller-coaster while reading the poem? Make her think, laugh, be mellow, and just be touched.

7. The basics. Sound, rhythm, diction. Don’t exaggerate using unfamiliar words. Choose simple yet persuasive nouns and verbs that exactly reflect your emotion. Rhyme is good, but not too much. You don’t want love poetry to sound like speech exercise. And once finished, read it aloud. The words and tone must roll off the tongue smoothly.


If you follow these 7 tips for writing a love poem for Valentine’s Day, you’re in good shape. But come to think of it, love knows no days so always write poems. Treat each day like Valentine’s Day.