7 Surprising Things Siri Can Do for You | Uncustomary

The Apple iPhone keeps improving with every new build. The camera gets better, the processor is faster, and the phone does more and more. With this new iteration of iPhone and the iOS that runs it, your phone can do more than ever before. While many of the new features with the iPhone 8 are completely intuitive, some functions require a little more know-how. Here are some of the surprising things that Siri can do for you on your iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Pronounce Words Correctly

One thing you can do with your iPhone 8 Plus is to teach Siri how to say words and names correctly. While sometimes Siri’s mispronunciations are funny, Siri needs to be able to understand the words you are saying so you can use the personal assistant to its full advantage. Teach your iPhone how to say certain words by telling Siri when she gets it wrong. Your phone will walk you through how to pronounce the word correctly and remember it for later.

Translate English Phrases

Siri will also translate for you. While the digital assistant cannot translate what it hears into English, Siri will translate English phrases into another language. It displays the translation and will speak it for you. The feature supports French, Spanish, Italian, German and Chinese.

Use Favorite Apps

Plus, Siri isn’t limited to translating phrases and calling contacts. It also works with the apps on your iPhone 8. You can use Siri to make a reservation or send someone a payment — and the number of apps that support the digital assistant is growing. Siri also suggests apps for you based on your location and time of day. For instance, if you always check into an app to track your early morning workout, you’ll start seeing the app as a suggestion shortly after waking.

Search your Photos

The digital assistant built into your iPhone can also search your photos. Just ask Siri to find photos of a specific person, of a certain place, or a thing. For instance, if you ask Siri to show you pictures of Christmas trees in your photos, she searches through your entire collection and shows you all the Christmas trees you have in your photos.

Smarter Time Management

The digital assistant on your iPhone 8 Plus can also help you manage your time better by streamlining your schedule and automating certain tasks. The Siri with iOS 11 suggests information when you need it. This means that if someone asks where you are, you’ll see an option to share your location and if someone asks for your email in a text, you’ll have the option to reply with your email address in one click.

Better Calendar

Siri has also gotten smarter with scheduling. With the iPhone 8 Plus, when you receive an email from any travel you’ve booked or a meeting confirmation, Siri automatically adds it to your calendar, so you never miss a thing.

Safer Driving

The new iOS on your iPhone has a feature called Do Not Disturb that limits the notifications and interactions you can have with your phone while driving. Most notably, you can’t unlock your phone without saying that you are not driving. However, while you may not be able to use your phone, you can still use Siri in a voice-only mode.

Your Apple iPhone 8 is a powerhouse. With iOS 11 and Siri, it really is like having a digital assistant in your pocket. Have fun with these new features!