7 Great Ways to Make Yourself Feel Great

7 Great Ways to Make Yourself Feel Great

Self-confidence is incredibly important, but it’s also far too easy to damage, and not always boosted enough. Low self-confidence can lead to depression, insomnia, and a low mood, and can also cause physical symptoms and stress. It can also lead to us making some silly decisions. If you are looking for some new ways to make yourself feel good, and give your confidence a boost, here are seven of the best.


Exercise is the best way to release adrenaline. Go for a run, swim, or just a long walk. It’ll help clear your head, and leave you feeling refreshed. You’ll also feel like you have achieved something. For a true boost, set yourself some targets. Challenge yourself, but don’t be unrealistic and set yourself up for failure. If you haven’t exercised much in the past, consider trying a couch to 5k program to get yourself started.


Spending time with friends, people that make you laugh and fill you with positivity, can leave you feeling great for days. Talk about your problems, ask for advice, or just enjoy having a great time with those that love you. Laughter really can be the best medicine.


Learning something new, or furthering your education, perhaps with an online pediatric nurse practitioner degree, can be a great way to make yourself feel good. Whether it’s to achieve a promotion, a career change, or just improve your confidence in your current position, it’s a worthwhile investment.

A New Hobby

Starting a new hobby is a wonderful way of learning something new, and meeting new people. Look online to see if there are any local groups you could join, or try a new craft at home.

Treat Yourself

How often do you do something just for you? Because you want to? Probably not as often as you should. Busy lifestyles, with time and money constraints, don’t often allow it. Treats don’t need to be expensive; a new outfit, or a pamper night at home with your favorite DVD and meal can work wonders. Even the right pair of women’s glasses can make you feel like you version 2.0! When we treat ourselves we are telling ourselves “we deserve this,” and when we don’t have money we can start to feel that we aren’t worth it. But treating yourself is the best way for you to have some self-care and a little bit of indulgence can make you feel rejuvenated. If you have got time, go away, take a proper break away from the stresses of everyday life, and relax.

Look at the Positives

We all have a habit of wanting what other people have, and it’s easy to focus on the negatives. Don’t. If you do want to consider a nursing degree from Maryville University, but find yourself thinking it’s too hard, instead, look at the reasons to do it, and know that you can. Take a chance on yourself. Make a list of everything you like about yourself and your life, ask others what they love, and write your answers down in a list.  Then when you’re feeling down, you can look at the list for positivity.

Remember to smile. The simple act of smiling, can give you a great boost. Look happy, feel happy. Be the best person you can be, and learn to love yourself for who you are. Look after yourself, get plenty of sleep, exercise, eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water. These are all great ways to feel amazing.