It’s fun to make new traditions (and uphold them).

It might feel difficult to do that with changing environments that can feel restrictive based on our original baseline.

For example, I love sunflowers (the most, they’re my favorite!), and I’ve always enjoyed visiting sunflower farms, and last year I decided to make it a tradition to go every year (and wear yellow)!

So many sunflower farms were closed this year, had much higher prices, guidelines for reservations, masks, touching, etc. At first it felt disheartening to feel like this was something that would need to take a 2020 Hiatus like the Bubble Parade, Burning Man, or so many other events or traditions, but Joe helped me find an option!

How To Keep Traditions Going Strong | Uncustomary

Ultimately, we can make our traditions stand on their feet just by showing up for them ourselves. We are all missing community and gatherings, but if you’re missing something, think about how you can bring the spirit, energy, and elements of that event or tradition into your life.

Miss the Bubble Parade? Blow bubbles! Miss Burning Man? Wear costumes, send gifts in the mail, hula hoop outside! You have never exhausted all your options.

You’re allowed to grieve the loss of anything you miss! Have a ritual ceremony! That can be part of it. It’s just up to you to choose if you’re only going to complain or find creative solutions.

When I originally posted about this on Instagram, some people shared specific things they’re missing, and while my overall suggestion is to come up with ideas, activities, and ways you can recreate and channel the elements, themes, and feelings of that thing into your life right now, I know it’s also helpful to have examples and guides.

How To Keep Traditions Going Strong | Uncustomary

6 Ways To Keep Traditions Going Strong

I’m going to take an example and roll with it: missing traveling, specifically to tropical destinations, to give you six specific ways to channel this feeling you’re missing and keep traditions going strong.

Decorations – Put up summer-themed decorations, things that remind you of your favorite island, sun totems, etc.

Smells – Putting sunscreen on the skin above your upper lip can help you smell the beach all day. Burn candles smelling of citrus!

Local Activities – Find a remote beach to go and read on. Instead of the activities you would do there find alternatives for near your home like yoga classes on zoom or a water activity.

Foods – Buy (or pick!) and eat fresh fruit like pineapple, mangos, strawberries or popsicles. Have a cookout in your backyard!

Playlists – Make a tropical themed playlist to listen to when you’re around the house, driving, working out, making love, etc.

Clothing – Wear your bikini to the park and sunbathe. Wear a cover up around the house or on errands.


Anything coming up as ideas or inspiration? You can do this with anything! Share what you’re thinking about below or on this post!

Graphic by Joe Dissolvo