While the wedding ceremony will be special to both you and your partner, it is the wedding reception that your guests will look forward to the most. You will, therefore, not want to disappoint your family and friends, and instead plan a wedding reception that’s great fun and to be enjoyed by many. Be inspired for your big day by reading the six secrets to a fun wedding reception.

Rent Carnival Games

Do you want to skip some of the formalities associated with a wedding and just have a little fun? Carnival games and concessions could be the perfect way to celebrate your recent nuptials. Choose from a wide selection of games, which will allow your guests to make wonderful memories at your reception party. You can also hire a frozen drink or cotton candy machines. Learn more about the best carnival booth rental services for your wedding day.

Keep the Wedding Toasts Short

Wedding toasts should be about quality and not quantity, which is why you should encourage all speakers to keep their speeches to a maximum of two minutes. Otherwise, guests could grow tired and bored. Your loved ones will be happy you kept the toasts short.

A Designated Children’s Area

Allow both adults and children to have a little fun by providing a designated area for the kids. Hire a babysitter to care for the little ones, who can oversee crafting, games, movies, or a dance party. Don’t forget to provide a table filled with toys, coloring books, crayons, and games. So, while the kids are having fun in the children’s area, Mom and Dad can hit the dancefloor.

Shake Up Your First Dance

The spotlight will be on your and your new husband or wife during your first dance. While slow songs are sweet and romantic, they can also be a little fun. Enjoy the best of both worlds, as you can slow dance to your favorite song before switching to a faster tempo, and breaking out into a fun dance routine that will both surprise and impress your guests. You can guarantee your family and friends will be laughing aloud, and it will stand out in your their minds long after the day is over.

Plan Your Wedding Reception Playlist

There will more than likely be people of all ages attending your wedding. That’s why you should create a wedding reception playlist that can accommodate the whole crowd, and not just you and your partner. While you might love indie music, your guests might enjoy something a little more commercial. Aim to provide the perfect mix of past and present songs to suit young, old and everyone in between. If you don’t, you might have an empty dancefloor.

Don’t Allow Your Guests to Feel Hungry

Do you want to stop your guests from fleeing the wedding reception early? Don’t allow them to go hungry. Stock up on fun finger food that will keep them at the event all-night long, such as cake, fancy vol-au-vents and bruschettas. You could even offer a DIY coffee bar with different toppings and syrups, which will prevent them from feeling tired and heading home.