As you will more than likely work hard all year long, you will want nothing to ruin a much-needed break away from everyday life, so you can truly relax, destress and have a little fun.

There are fortunately several ways to ensure you enjoy the perfect break with your family or friends. If you are set to head off on vacation, take a look at the following six ideas to make your getaway trip one to remember.

1. A Digital Detox

Are you planning on taking your smartphone, laptop and Kindle with you? Well, don’t. Put down the electronic devices and simply connect with your environment and loved ones when on vacation. Many people spend their lives staring at an electronic screen, so enjoy a little distance between you and your gadget. A digital detox could help to relax your mind and body.

If you insist on taking your phone, try to keep it in a hotel’s safe as much as possible to avoid the temptation to answer work emails, message your friends or browse social media.

2. Plan An Itinerary

As you will not want to miss one iconic landmark or attraction when on vacation, you should plan an itinerary before you head off on your travels. As per hotel experts St Barts Villas, if you are traveling with children, you must find a kid-friendly hotel, which will ensure your son or daughter receives a warm welcome and will enjoy plenty of superb entertainment.  For instance, pick up a guidebook to learn more about unmissable landmarks, or browse online travel articles to find the best activities and neighborhoods at your destination. Also, if you’re traveling to the UK or Ireland, visit Coast Radar to discover the finest beaches at your chosen town or city.

3. Choose The Right Hotel

The hotel you choose can make or break your trip. However, if you’re traveling as a couple, you might prefer to check into an adults-only hotel to enjoy a more relaxed, romantic experience.

4. Embrace New Experiences

While lounging by the pool and dining at restaurants can be both fun and relaxing, your days might quickly blend into one when looking back on your vacation. Ensure you have a brilliant trip by embracing new experiences on your travels. After all, it will be impossible to forget trekking through a rain forest, kayaking across a river, or indulging in a wine tasting session.

5. Take Plenty Of Photographs

Ensure you never forget one fantastic moment from a trip by taking plenty of photographs, which will trigger your memory when looking back on your vacation. So, take a selfie from your hotel balcony, ask a waiter to snap your photograph during an unforgettable meal, or capture a mesmerizing view on your camera.

6. End A Trip On A High Note

Ending a trip on a high note will ensure you remember a trip for all the right reasons, which is known as the “recency effect.” So, save the best activity or excursion until last, treat yourself to a business class seat on the journey home, or dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant on the last evening of your getaway.