Random acts of kindness and kindness in general is a big theme on my blog and in my life. I advocate for it year round, and just like I think there should be gratitude all year, not just on Thanksgiving, I think we should be kind to each other all year, not just during the month of December. That said, I’m happy that this time of year does remind people to spread cheer and kindness, and it has to start somewhere! I just hope you’ll keep it going and remember that there are so many other ways to spread kindness when the holidays aren’t coming up. But I still wanted to make a list of ways that you can specifically spread holiday cheer if that’s what’s on your mind! Happy cheer-spreading!

50 Ways To Spread Holiday Cheer This Season | Uncustomary

50 Ways To Spread Holidays Cheer This Season

1. Invite someone over for dinner. This time of year people tend to get divided up by biological families and religions, so melt the pot and invite your chosen family over for a home cooked meal or potluck dinner!
2. Let someone go in front of you in line at the store, especially when it’s really busy and they seem to be in a rush.
3. Make some handmade gifts to give to your neighbors (ornaments, cookies, crafts, cards, etc.) and leave them on their porch, stoop, inside their door, mailbox, etc.
4. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, or in a community project.
5. Go caroling and spread the joy of singing Elf style “for all to hear” (a great place to do this is in the hospital).
6. Go to a church or volunteer organization and select a card of a child who needs to be sponsored this Christmas and buy their toys anonymously.
7. Bring snacks, drinks, and even little gifts to your postal workers who are working their butts off this time of year.
8. Make some packages of supplies (food, hygiene products, gift cards to fast food restaurants, etc.) to keep in your car and pass out to the homeless you pass on the street.
9. Buy the person who is behind you in line’s cup of coffee.
10. Start a fundraiser to a non-profit organization on Facebook.
11. Bring in tasty treats for your coworkers to brighten their day.
12. When you go out to dinner, tip really well for someone who was a good server because they can absolutely use the cash.
13. Host a holiday card making party for people to make the time to write the cards they keep meaning to make and send and provide a bunch of supplies to share.
14. Offer to do yard work (rake leaves, shovel snow) for a neighbor who might not be able to do it themselves.
15. Pick up anything you personally drop or just see on the floor of a store because retail workers are extra exhausted right now.
16. Donate toys, knitted hats, etc. to a children’s hospital.
17. Rent a Santa Claus suit and wear it to pass out candy canes on the street corner or to your coworkers.
18. Offer to babysit for a couple who desperately need a date night out to themselves and/or if they need time to go out shopping for presents.
19. Leave a bowl of water a bowl of dog treats outside your house with a sign for dogs to enjoy as they pass by on their walks.
20. Send a care package to a soldier overseas.
21. Make a unique advent calendar for a child you know to countdown to Christmas.
22. Decorate the front/outside of your house for people to enjoy as they drive/walk by.
23. Make get well cards for people staying in the hospital and pass them out yourself.
24. Give blood if you are able to.
25. Make a bird feeder to hang outside (peanut butter and bird seed works pretty great!).

50 Ways To Spread Holiday Cheer This Season | Uncustomary

26. Let the person behind you have the coveted parking spot you saw first in a crowded lot.
27. Write a card about how grateful you are to someone you love and mail it to them for a happy mail surprise.
28. Take baked goods to the local fire and/or police station to say thank you.
29. Pick up litter wherever you see it to keep the streets clean.
30. Leave some change/money in a street musician’s tip bucket and smile at them.
31. Fill out a comment card at a restaurant or go online and fill out the contact form to let them know how exceptional the service was you received.
32. Leave a card/gift for your mail delivery person and/or garbage person who is working extra hard this time of year.
33. Offer to decorate a friend’s house who might not be able to physically decorate themselves or afford the decorations this year.
34. Leave notes that say nice things on the windshields of cars in mall parking lots.
35. Make a holiday playlist on Spotify and share it with all your friends on social media for them to enjoy listening to.
36. Offer to give a friend a ride to the airport when they’re going to visit family for the holidays so they don’t have to pay for/worry about transportation.
37. Bring flowers, cards, and treats to the nurses and doctors at your local hospital.
38. Donate the winter clothes you no longer fit in/wear to a charity.
39. Offer to house sit/pet sit/plant sit for someone who is going out of town to visit family.
40. Put the cost of a soda/snack in an envelope with a candy cane and tape it to a vending machine for the next person to find.
41. Take Poinsettias to a local assisted living home and visit the senior citizens who live there.
42. Get a bunch of quarters and go to a shopping center where people pay by to park in parking meters and put a quarter in all the expired meters.
43. Return your shopping cart back to the front of the store where it belongs.
44. Leave a nice comment on someone’s social media post or blog.
45. Do an elaborate Elf On The Shelf scheme to keep your kids believing in magic.
46. Bring a warm drink to someone who is working outside.
47. Take a hilarious/clever picture for your holiday card that you send out to make your friends and family laugh.
48. Go with your friend to get your picture taken with Santa at the mall.
49. Have a gingerbread house decorating party.
50. Wear hilarious holiday sweaters all the time.


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How will you spread cheer this holiday season?

Photos: Maura Housley