Many of us have jobs that require us to be in an office setting for 30+ hours a week, and the reality is we are trading hours for money and not all of that time is actually used by your work tasks. I know when I worked a traditional 9-5, I would get my work done in a much quicker time period than my coworkers would, and I would be left with time leftover that either meant filling it in myself or doing extra work for the same amount of pay. I’m not advocating that you cheat your job nor that you don’t do your job at all, but you’re an adult and if you’re going to take a break, you may as well make the most of it.

One of the most requested posts I’ve received has been “how to be crafty while at work”, so I wanted to come up with a list of ways you can keep your inner artist/creative while you’re in an artist setting; especially since you’re surrounded by all those office supplies! Again, use your discretion. This list can also be inspiration for your lunch break, or for your actual free time at home. Use it how you choose!

50 Ways To Be Crafty At Work | Uncustomary

50 Ways To Be Crafty At Work

Use Your Computer To…

1. Write a novel
2. Write a blog post
3. Collect inspirational images/print them out for a mood board
4. Record a podcast
5. Make a playlist/burn a CD
6. Make a newsletter (digital or printed)
7. Design interesting stickers
8. Design a postcard to mail to people around the world
9. Edit digital photos in a software program that you share online
10. Type a letter to mail

Use Your Photocopier To Print…

11. Zines
12. Newsletters
13. Comics
14. Flyers for guerrilla art
15. Protest signs
16. Collections of things from your week
17. Inspirational quotes/affirmations
18. Copies of your collages
19. Calendars
20. Scripts

50 Ways To Be Crafty At Work | Uncustomary

Use Office Supplies To…

21. Draw inspirational messages with sidewalk chalk
22. Make greeting cards to send to people
23. Art journal
24. Paint your nails with white out
25. Make invitations to a party
26. Collage/draw
27. Make planters out of floppy disks
28. Make confetti with a hole puncher
29. Make origami from sticky notes
30. Make art from thumbtacks (mosaic style)
31. Color circle reinforcement adhesives for fun stickers
32. Stamp ink with the eraser side of your pencil
33. Make a necklace out of paperclips or rubber bands
34. Write your to do list with dry erase markers on a blank photo frame or mirror
35. Cut out paper snowflakes or paper chains

Involve Your Coworkers By…

36. Baking something tasty in the break room
37. Leaving candy or inspirational quotes in the mailboxes
38. Leaving a picture of a cute puppy or a nice quote inside the photo copier or taped up inside bathroom stalls
40. Putting up a collaborative project in the break room where everyone has to describe their life story in six words and then you share the results anonymously
41. Celebrating unusual holidays like National Chip Day, National S’mores Day, etc.
42. Hosting a Spirit Week (Monday is Dress Up From The Neck Up Day, etc.)
43. Start a add and pass collage by putting one thing on a piece of cardboard and attaching instructions, inserting it into someone else’s mailbox, and when it’s full, sharing the results
44. Host a contest with trivia every morning and hand out handmade prizes as incentives
45. Make a colorful, fun flyer that you post about why it’s awesome to work where you work

Make Your Commute Interesting By…

46. Make a Commuter Bingo card for you to see what you can check off every day (different license plates, dogs in sweaters, construction, etc.)
47. Listen to podcasts or books on tape
48. Do some guerrilla art on your way to get the inspiration flowing early
49. Take a different route
50. Make a list every day of something different (things you smelled, things you saw that were blue, etc.)

How do you get crafty at work?

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Photos: Maura Housley