It’s SO easy to go on auto-pilot, especially during things we do every day like commuting or being at our jobs. I wanted to come up with a list of ways you can spend your lunch break because it’s really important to take breaks, and it’s also really important to separate work and play. If you have a lunch break at your job, USE IT. LEAVE THE BUILDING. Don’t smash a sandwich in your face while you continue answering e-mails. That’s not a lunch break. That’s them not paying you to work and to eat in a hurry. You deserve a break, so take what’s yours. And here’s a bunch of ways you can spend your time in unique and fun ways!

50 Fun Things To Do On Your Lunch Break | Uncustomary

50 Fun Things To Do On Your Lunch Break

1. Go outside, take off your shoes, and watch the clouds
2. Have a Skype Date
3. Read a book
4. Do some low-stress errands to alleviate post-work errand stress
5. Get a manicure or pedicure
6. Go shopping for something cheap and easy like lipstick, nail polish, or dollar bins
7. Catch up on your favorite TV show
8. Take an afternoon nap
9. Work on writing that book, just a little bit at a tim
10. Go for a walk, stretch, move your body in some way
11. Update your blog
12. Meditate

50 Fun Things To Do On Your Lunch Break | Uncustomary

13. Write kind messages in sidewalk chalk
14. Visit a museum or an art gallery
15. Host a potluck lunch with coworkers
16. Write and send some postcards
17. Play some good-natured office pranks
18. Listen to an audio book
19. Make a zine
20. Visit a flower shop at least to smell fresh flowers
21. Find a photobooth or take some Polaroid pictures
22. Get a delicious smoothie with an “energy” boost
23. Take a drive and sing along with music
24. Check in on your pets (with a Nanny Cam!)
25.Meet a friend for a lunch date

“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” – Annie Dillard

26. Put together an amazing playlist
27. Have a picnic
28. Knit or crochet
29. Call a friend
30. Catch up on some podcasts
31. Find some wildflowers and pick yourself a bouquet
32. Check your social media
33. Make some art
34. Leave nice comments on pretty photos on Instagram
35. Check out a local bookstore or library
36. Playa board or card game
37. Do some research on a topic you’re genuinely interested in
38. Listen to audio tapes to learn a new language

50 Fun Things To Do On Your Lunch Break | Uncustomary

39. Go home to be comfortable or to check on kids, pets, etc.
40. Journal or color
41. Meet your lover for some afternoon delight
42. Decorate your office or cubicle
43. Practice a musical instrument (outside the office)
44. Shop online
45. Get a 15 minute massage at a local spa
46. Get a treat at a bakery
47. Try a DIY Pinterest project you’ve been inspired by
48. Visit a pet store to pet furry friends
49. Learn a new skill – tye a tie, basics of chess, winged eye liner
50. Just get out of the building and unplug

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Photos: Maura Housley