5 Ways To Make Winter Suck Less | Uncustomary

People fall into two categories, namely those who love winter, and those who hate it from the bottom of their hearts. If you identify yourself with the second group, you have probably not been very happy with the last months, and the winter is not stepping down yet.

The great news is that spring will eventually come, but it is possible to make the winter suck less. Below, you will find the five amazing tips on how to make your winter more splendid, cozy, green, or adventurous so that you could choose the best option for you. Alternatively, go for all of the tricks below and have fantastic wintertime that won’t be spoiled by any weather conditions.

Simulate Sun

The sun drops fast this time of year, and besides the fact that we don’t get enough warmth from it during winter, there’s not much light either. Fortunately, technological advancements make it possible for people to ease the struggle for sunlight at least a bit.

You can buy a special lamp that simulates sunlight to brighten up your room and help you to deal with the wintertime darkness. Such an item will also improve your mood and create a cozy atmosphere at home. Sunlight is also important for your health since it is a source of Vitamin D. If getting sick is a worry of yours then look for an immune support for winter.

Besides, you can cuddle yourself in blankets in the evening, light some candles instead of the lamp, and watch a fun movie or read a good book. It is essential to take care of yourself, especially during winter months, when everything looks so dull and greyish. If it is cloudy outside, turn on your lamp and wait for sunny days to come.

Purchase Some Houseplants

Houseplants remind of the spring and warm days, so getting yourself some greenery will make you happier and allow for fresher air in the room. It is very relaxing to take care of the plants and watch them grow. Moreover, you can purchase one that will eventually bloom when the spring comes.

If you already have some houseplants at your place, make sure to check if they need special treatment during winter months. Some require more water, while others should be watered less frequently. Also, it would help if you kept them from radiators, as well as cold places, such as windowsills.

If you are just thinking about purchasing some greenery for your home, choose aloe vera or a snake plant that are known to thrive well through the winter. Alternatively, you can enjoy yourself by acquiring one with a bright flower, such as a bromeliad plant.

Go Outside

As recommended by BuzzFeed, just get outside. It may sound awful, as one of the main reasons why people hate winter is because of the freezing temperatures and winds that attack you once you leave your house. You may ask, what’s the point of doing so if you don’t like the cold?

However, nothing is actually more rewarding than doing your best to enjoy your life, even if the weather is against your will. Engage in fun activities with your family and friends, and you won’t notice how the time outside flies fast.

Create a snowman, go skiing or ice skating, visit a park, and enjoy the beauty of nature in the winter. Also, you can do a fun photoset with your closest ones to remember splendid winter days. By wearing several layers of warm clothes and being active, you won’t feel the cold that much as when you get to work early in the morning and hate everything about this season.

Create a Winter “To Do” List

Following the previous point, as recommended by Forbes, create a to-do list of things that can be done during the winter only and set your goals. This way, you will concentrate more on the good aspects of the cold months and more likely to enjoy the weather outside.

For example, you can decide to bake an apple-cinnamon pie and do a winter movie marathon with your family or friends. Alternatively, you can go for outdoor ice-skating or try some other winter sports for the first time. Write down all your wishes and plan them throughout the season so that by the end of the winter, you will complete the list and welcome the spring season happily.

As seen on Washington Post, with the rapidly warming climate, we should cherish the winter because we don’t know for sure how the current cold month will be like in fifty or a hundred years. Instead of spending your time at home and counting days for the spring, it is worth making a step towards this season. Thus, you can turn your wintertime into a memorable experience.

Go to Vegas

There’s no wrong time to pay a visit to Las Vegas, and winter can play new colors in this city. Thus, if you have been thinking of going to Sin City for a weekend, wait no more and buy your tickets. And if you haven’t thought about Vegas as a destination point, it is the right time to consider this city for your next trip. Check out Las Vegas Jaunt for a budget travel guide for your next trip to the Sin City.

As seen on VegasForAll, this place can confidently boast of luxury hotels, spectacular shows, tremendous casinos, and other entertainment. Choose activities to your liking and enjoy what Las Vegas has to offer. Most of the famous spots look fantastic both in summer and spring, and almost all the entertainment is held indoors, so cold temperatures won’t spoil your vacation.

Final Tips

Even if you really hate winter and can’t wait for it to be over, there are some nice things you can do during this season. You can choose to stay inside and make yourself cozy, with greenery, candles, warm blankets, movies, books, and treats. Or you can go all in and get yourself outside to face the weather conditions, try to befriend them, and create great memories during the winter.

Whichever option you choose, note the tips above and organize yourself splendid wintertime. There’s so much one can do in the winter, so follow these recommendations and make your winter suck less.