When it comes to being expressive, a lot of people link it with creative arts such as writing, singing, music and painting. However, you can get expressive with virtually anything in life–and that includes your decor! So let’s take a look at five interesting and fun ways that you can be more expressive with your home decor and also why you might want to do it!

5 Ways To Be More Expressive With Your Home Decor | Uncustomary

1. Display all of your travel memorabilia

A great way to show off your personality and your past is to put little trinkets and fun items from your travels all over your home. It could be a collection of your flight tickets pinned to a large customized canvas print or painting of the world map, or it could be a selection of postcards that you’ve come across over the years. If you want to feel like you’re on holiday, here’s some beach decor that you’ll love!

2. Use plenty of artwork around the home

Whether it’s your own artwork or paintings from a famous artist, using beautiful pictures and prints around the home can be a fantastic way to express yourself in a creative way. If you’re looking for more affordable artwork by famous artists, you can consider getting art prints. They are usually reproductions of famous artworks that make it possible for art enthusiasts to enjoy. Depending on how rare they are, quality, and affordability, they are worth buying and can be considered good investments. You can decorate your rooms and hallways with some amazing art reproductions. These can be considered centerpieces to a room, so try not to overdo it and have a unique statement piece in each room that you frequently use–even the bathroom!

3. Pick your favorite colors and use them around the house

A simple expressive tip is to pick some of your favorite colors and use them around the home. You can paint the walls, the ceiling, add little decorative items or even focus on paintings and artwork with your favorite colors.

4. Use lighting to your advantage

Lighting can make a huge difference. It can be rather expensive to invest in multi-colored light bulbs (although they are incredibly useful at changing the mood of a room!) but there are cheaper alternatives such as LED strips that can be used to create diffused mood lighting around the home.

5. Seek inspiration on the internet

If you’re stuck for expressive ideas, consider taking a look at websites such as Pinterest for more inspiration. This is a great way to explore what’s possible with your home decor and you might find new things to be expressive about.

Why get more expressive with home decor?

Decor is something that has a surprising effect on our everyday lives. If you’ve ever stayed at a fancy hotel or someone else’s well-kempt home, then you’ll probably have felt a little motivated, positive or even awed by some of the things on display. Think of it as creating a happy place for yourself. A place that you wake up every day and feel happy, joyful and full of energy for the rest of the day.

To many, their home can feel like an extension of themselves and getting expressive is a great way to release some of your creative urges. Getting hands-on with your decor can be a lot of fun and many would consider it a hobby, especially if they’re getting involved with the creative process. Hopefully, these tips have taught you a thing or two about being more expressive with your home decor and you’re feeling more motivated to put your feelings out into your home.