5 Useful Tips to Help You Break Free from Cigarettes | Uncustomary


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Fewer people than ever before are smoking in 2020, with 13.7 percent of the American population over 18 years old currently smoking cigarettes. This is down from 20.9 percent in 2005. Cigarette smokers are clinging onto a sinking ship, and more of them each year are reaching out to life vessels and getting away. Quitting cigarettes can be one of the hardest things in the world, but there are certain ways to break free from their stranglehold. Here are five things you could try.

Change Your Mentality

One of the most common mantras of cigarette smokers is that they need cigarettes to reduce their stress levels. However, those who manage to break free from the addiction soon have an epiphany. Much of the stress they previously had which was relieved by cigarettes, was actually caused by the need for a cigarette in the first place. While smokers’ moods shift like the ocean tides throughout the day, non-smokers have much smaller fluctuations in theirs. It’s easier said than done, but smokers do need to get away from this mentality that cigarettes are a form of stress relief.

Try a Nicotine Replacement

For many people, going cold turkey from cigarettes is completely impossible. For others, they may simply not want to go without nicotine in their lives. Luckily, sites like taxfreesnus.com sell a product that could present a solution to this problem. The wide collection of snus products available can make a suitable replacement for cigarettes, still giving you your nicotine fix but allowing you to ease you away from actually smoking.

Read a Book

There are so many books out there to help people quit smoking and most smokers would agree that the vast majority of them barely help at all. There is one book, however, which is so effective it is comparable to a magic spell. The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr has helped thousands of people quit cigarettes, including Sir Richard Branson, Ashton Kutcher, and Anthony Hopkins. Carr’s Easyway clinics claim to have a 90 percent success rate in helping people stop smoking.

Break the Psychological Barriers

The reason why addiction to cigarettes is so strong and hard to break is because of all the psychological factors involved. Smokers condition themselves to associate the need for a cigarette with certain situations. This could include after meals, with a coffee, or during a break at work. The process of stopping is all about gradually breaking down these connections. Try to cut out one of your routine cigarettes first, and then start tackling the others.

Play Some Sports

Getting into a fit and healthy mindset can help people forget about their need to smoke. This is because physical activity can be used as a way to reduce stress and release feel-good hormones in the brain. Playing a sport is a good option, as it will surround you with other people who take care of their bodies. In these circles, you are unlikely to encounter the temptation of smoking.

When hooked on cigarettes, it can feel like there is no escape. But there are ways to get free from their grasp, as many ex-smokers will attest. Try some of these simple steps today, and save yourself from ending up on a shipwreck with the few other smokers who never escaped the clutches of cigarettes.