People have been discussing it since classical antiquity. That’s one of the eternal questions that drives many minds crazy. What is happiness? Neither researchers nor philosophers can’t come to an agreement about the meaning of happiness and how to reach it. Some proclaimed it to be the main purpose of life and the reason for our existence, others blamed it to be a false illusion that prevents humans from getting to the truth.  

There’s probably nothing harder than determining the essence of happiness. Researchers at EssayShark believe that this term is exclusively subjective. For a tired mom of three kids, a cup of hot coffee in the morning in silence is pure happiness, while for others it might be a simple routine.

5 Reasons Writing Can Be Huge Boost For Happiness | Uncustomary

Nevertheless, there are certain events and things that can make us happier. Believe it or not, but writing is one of such actions. There were numerous researches devoted to the impact expressing writing has on people. It helps us to enhance the productivity of the brain, develop our intellect and memory, solve problems, inspire new ideas, and, most importantly, make us happier. Today, we are going to dive into the benefits of writing and find out how it influences our mood and health.

How do you feel when you have spent some time writing an article, an essay, or even your thoughts on a piece of paper? We are overwhelmed with a feeling of joy, filled with energy. There is that inspiring sensation of achieving something important. Even if you have just written down a to-do list for a day. This simple activity influences our brain and emotions more than you can imagine. But how do these simple motions boost our happiness and health? Let’s find out!   

Writing is your personal secret psychologist 

Solving a problem requires a deep research and attention to detail. Writing down a problem, describing everything and compartmentalizing can help you get a better understanding of what worries you and how to solve it. 

Describing your emotions or problems on a piece of paper as you are actually feeling them is a key to learning more about yourself. If something bothers you, try putting it on paper or typing on any of your devices. Even without talking to anyone, you can feel how the tension decreases and you suddenly feel calmer and more relaxed. In moments of despair, I write extremely emotional letters, addressing them to the person who has made me feel angry, frustrated, or sad. As I finish, the sensation of absolute relief falls on my shoulders like the slightest and the softest blanket, hugging me and keeping warm. Sometimes, I even sob when I write it down. Writing is like admitting something to yourself. Once you’ve let it go, it gets better. 

Writing enhances your memory

Have you ever compiled a shopping or a to-do list not to forget something, and then suddenly realized that you remembered everything without looking? There is a reason for that. When you write something down, you involve a group of cells in the temporal lobe. It is also known as the ascending reticular activating system. As a result, our brain increases the concentration on the information you write down. This fact already makes me happier as I am constantly forgetting things!

Having a diary or blog improves your health

Many people have a habit of writing down everything that happens to them throughout a day. They want to capture the moment, direct their emotions outward, and save ideas for the future. We have already mentioned that sharing this helps to decrease the level of stress and overcome difficulties. However, that’s not the only benefit of blogging or writing a diary. 

Scientists from the University of Texas found out that this activity increases the production of T cells. These are immune cells that help our body to fight the infections. There is also a study that proves that blogging helps to develop the left hemisphere. When it’s busy, the right hemisphere activates and creates something fantastic and sensational. 

It makes you smarter

It’s impossible to talk about the benefits of writing and skipping the fact that it makes us smarter. Moreover, it improves our communication skills. Writing a text requires a deeper understanding of a topic than simply having verbal communication. Besides, people who tend to write everything down have a broad vocabulary. How does it work? Before creating a text, you make research, put your thoughts in order, and only then transform the altered information into a text. This reason definitely makes me happier! Now, every time I write, deep inside I’ll be proud of myself for becoming smarter. 

It gives us new ideas

New ideas urge us to write them down while this action stimulates the appearance of new ideas. It’s a real eternal engine! Every time I review my old creations or reread old poems, I have new ideas coming to my head. They are not always connected. The process of writing stimulates the brain and it produces new ideas.

Writing is an excellent and free escape from stressful situations. It makes you more intelligent, healthier and inspired. And these are wonderful reasons to be happy!