5 Nursing Home Misconceptions | Uncustomary

Nursing homes evoke a wide range of emotions. After all, they’re usually seen as the place where people live out the last chapter of their lives. They’re sad places full of old memories and lonely old people, right?

What springs to your mind when you think of a nursing home? The elderly? The sick and infirm? Bad smells, bad food and overcrowding? Click the link for more information about crowded nursing homes. The truth is that all the points above are sadly, common misconceptions when it comes to nursing and care facilities. In fact, in the last decade alone most nursing homes have progressed immensely in terms of care, staff and the quality of life of their residents. Here we’ll look at 5 of the most common nursing home misconceptions. 

They’re just like hospitals

While a nursing home does provide a high level of nursing care, as well as other therapies that are beneficial to certain residents. Nursing/care homes won’t have the same level of equipment, staff or facilities as a traditional hospital setting. A nursing home has different objectives such as rehabilitation so residents can return home, providing physical and emotional support, delaying a decline in health.

Nursing homes smell

Another common misconception but believe it or not thanks to dedicated cleaning teams and highly trained staff that keep residents, rooms and other areas clean and hygienic, nursing homes are more likely to smell clean rather than of something unpleasant. Keeping the common areas clean and residents fresh and well-groomed, not only reduces smells but also reduces the likelihood of infections and diseases.  

Residents never leave

Many people view nursing homes as the last stop before passing away. Giving them a sad and depressing outlook. However, it’s not always the case. The kind of care that your loved one requires will determine the longevity of their life and if they will return home again. Many nursing homes are used to help rehabilitate residents after operations or injuries before they go back home again. 

The food is terrible

Nursing home food often makes people think of sloppy meals and lukewarm dishes. However, it’s not the case. The skilled teams in nursing homes will be able to tailor meals to your loved one’s requirements and cater to their exact needs. They’ll also get to enjoy their favorites, with many nursing homes priding themselves on their home-from-home cooking.

Visiting times are restricted

All nursing homes understand the effect that family and friends can have on the recuperation and quality of life of their residents. Which is why regular visits are encouraged.