4 Things To Know Before Vaping CBD | Uncustomary

Vaping is one of the most popular ways of using CBD these days. And with the huge range of different CBD products that are currently available, it’s important to make sure that you’ve got all the information that you need before you start, so that you can determine which ones are suitable for vaping and verify their quality. We’ve put together some of the main things to know before you start vaping CBD. 

#1. What is CBD Oil?

Also referred to as hemp oil, CBD oil has been traditionally used as an oral tincture and usually contains MCT oil, which is unsuitable for inhalation. These CBD tinctures are for ingestion only and it’s important to make the distinction, as many do not carry warnings and can easily be mistaken for vape juices due to their packaging. 

CBD vape juice is often referred to as ‘CBD vape oil’, but it does not actually contain any oil. They are generally made with food grade ingredients so they are safe to take orally, but they are very different from the oil-based oral tinctures. If you’re shopping for a CBD vape juice, then it’s important to look very carefully at the ingredients. CBD suitable for vaping should only contain PG, VG, CBD extract, cannabinoids and terpenes – anything else, and it’s unlikely suitable to vape. 

#2. What Dosage?

Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ dosage when it comes to vaping CBD. It will usually depend on a wide variety of factors including the symptoms that you are hoping to treat with the CBD, your tolerance level, your body weight and more. And, it’s also worth considering that everybody’s endocannabinoid system and metabolism is different, which can lead to differing effects for each individual. After vaping CBD a few times, you should be able to get a better idea of how much is right for you

#3. Side Effects:

There is not a great deal of research so far into the side effects of CBD. However, a comprehensive study has been recently released confirming that there are, in fact, some side effects associated with CBD. Mild drowsiness is the most commonly reported side effect, so it’s important that you are careful with CBD vape consumption – do not vape if you plan to be driving or using machinery, for example. Slight euphoria, redness of the eyes and increased hunger were other side effects. They also tend to be much less pronounced compared to prescription drugs. 

#4. Choosing a Vaporizer:

There are several different vaporizer options for those looking for vape CBD e-liquid. You can use it in a regular vape pen or box mod, which can be useful if you are also vaping regular e-liquid as an aid to quitting smoking cigarettes. Many CBD vape cartridges available today are white label products, such as this private label vape pen which may be sold under a variety of different brands. It’s wise to stick with a trusted, known brand when choosing a device. This will ensure that they are supplied by a reputable company such as Cope CBD. 

Vaping CBD is a discreet and convenient way of experiencing the health benefits, but it’s important to do your research before you begin.