Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, the escort business has been thriving, of course with compliance to health officials’ guidelines and a lot of precaution. When booking an escort, you must consider the risks involved and whether or not the encounter is worth it. Escort services are rewarding in many ways, especially if you are not ready for dating commitments. So, many people get involved once in a while.

If you must book an escort during this time when you can easily contract coronavirus, then you should take all necessary precautions. This guide will help you whether you are a first-timer or experienced in using escort services.

Use Reputable Escort Directories

Frankly, escort directories are still the best places to look for an escort to date. They list numerous escorts that are highly vetted, so clients are assured of professional services. Although the models are independent and clients should contact them directly, they must adhere to the guidelines of the escort directory.

When using a reliable directory, you are assured of professionals who are ready to adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols such as being vaccinated, wearing masks, and maintaining social distance while executing their services.

Do you want to use such an escort directory while in Australia? Are you looking for an escort in Sydney to be precise? Then you can take advantage of the reliable escort directories in the country. Likewise, anyone else all over the world can use such escort platforms to ensure that they get models who are compliant with COVID-19 safety protocols.

Ask Questions

Are you vaccinated? Are you willing to wear a mask while with me? Asking such questions to the escort will help you assess the extent of the COVID-19 risk you are dealing with. However, most professional escorts usually include such information on their profile, especially if they are listed by a reputable directory.

There are more questions you can ask when booking an escort such as recent travel details, whether or not they have coronavirus symptoms, and much more. All of these will help you stay safe while enjoying escort services.

Choose Your Services Well

Escorts offer a plethora of services in general. From companionship and intimate services to massage, cross-dressing, role play, and playing with sex toys, the list is long. Some promote body contact while others do not. If you want to reduce the risk of COVID-19, you can choose services such as playing with sex toys, crossdressing, or offering companionship because these promote social distance.

However, you can enjoy other adult services with an escort who is vaccinated, especially if you are vaccinated as well. However, you should still ensure that they do not have COVID-19 related symptoms.

Enhance Cleaning Techniques

According to health officials, coronavirus can be transmitted through surfaces even if people don’t touch each other. It is important that you get ready to enhance the cleaning of surfaces when you book an escort. Keep all surfaces sanitized during and after the services and both of you should clean your hands regularly as you enjoy the experience.


COVID-19 is devastating and has left people in awkward situations. With the above precautions, anyone can have a good time with escorts and enjoy a lot of their services. You can too when you observe these precautions.