4 Key Signs You Might Need To Consider Divorce | Uncustomary

It can definitely be something that you don’t want to confront when it starts to look like the person you love doesn’t feel the same way anymore, or you don’t feel the same about them. But if the word has popped into your mind then there has to be some reason.

1. The Person Becomes The Problem

You can reach a point in your relationship where every little thing that the person you are married to does irritates you, and at that point, the anger gets directed at your partner rather than what they are doing.

This can lead to all those little problems never getting solved, and being blown out of proportion. It can make day to day life every uncomfortable, and all of the good things that you got together with the person to fade away. It isn’t that the marriage unsavable at this point, but you may be looking at Divorce in Wisconsin.

2. The Contempt You Feel, The Contempt You Express

The quality of your communication can really take a nosedive, because you, or they, are not communicating the one thing that you are maybe both concerned with. That unexpressed communication can build to a point where, when you do communicate it isn’t nice.

If you still manage to keep your cool as far as talking hatefully towards your partner, those feelings are not going to go away. If they have been treating you badly then they are most likely going through the same thing – you know that something is off. Divorce may be an option.

3. Being On The Defensive

A lot of the problems and signs that are going to show you that you may need to consider divorce is going to be around communication, and it may not just be what you are saying, but what you are willing to hear that is affected.

Your partner comes to you with a question, and it could be something very simple, and instead of answering it in an appropriate way, you blow up, and you feel that you need to defend yourself. You need to sit down and you need to talk, and the word divorce needs to be spoken.

4. Not Communicating

You don’t want to communicate what you are feeling. You don’t want to shout or be nasty to the other person. So you start to not talk, and when they ask you something you would rather avoid answering than say the wrong thing.

Unfortunately not communicating doesn’t mean that the other person is going to back down; in fact, it can make them want to keep pushing even more. At this point, you may wonder what option you have other than walking out. Divorce is there to give you an option when you are in an unhappy marriage.


Divorce is there as a solution to a problem that has no other answer. It is definitely worth trying counseling, but you may reach a point where it is not working, and then you need to have a conversation, and you need to understand what you can do. 

Divorce can be a very sane response to the problems of your relationship.