3 Ways To Make Your Room More Relaxing | Uncustomary

After a long and busy day, what do you need? No doubt, you deserve to get some rest. Everyone deserves to get some rest after a tiring day. Resting is part of self-care.  

You need to wind down and pause. This way you are again ready for the next day. When you get a time-off, you can recover better. If there’s one thing you should prioritize, it’s getting that much needed rest. 

When you go home though, do you feel like resting? Or does your bedroom make you want to do chores? Your bedroom should be a place of solace. When you enter your room, it should be inviting you to relax. 

If your bedroom does not allow you to feel chill at the end of the day, then you need to do a couple of changes. 

Take away the clutter. – One reason why you can’t relax, you probably have too much stuff going on inside your room. 

Clutter can be distracting. If you would see unfinished projects scattered, waiting to be finished – of course that will set off your brain to active mode. All of a sudden you are reminded that you need to finish them.  

You may also have things on your bed, on your side table, on your lounge chair, and so on. Everywhere you turn to – there’s stuff scattered all around. Some of them essential, some of them may not be – so segregate them. 

Don’t pile your clothes on the bed, keep them in the closet. Clear your bed, side tables, and your chairs. Even a clean desk can do wonders. Get container bins or caddies to organize your stuff.

Projects are also important but there’s a time to do them. Set aside a space or a box for them. This way you don’t get distracted and at the same time it keeps your projects organized. 

Get a proper bed. – Get a proper space to lie on and make sure it’s comfortable and clean.  Many people forget that their bed is the reason why they can’t rest properly.  Your mattress should still be on good shape. 

Many would still insist on using their old mattress out of sentimental reasons, or because it’s a hassle to get one because it’s too bulky. 

How can you get rest well when your bed is already sagging and lumpy on some areas? Replace that ancient mattress already. If you find it inconvenient to get one in showrooms or malls, buy them online. 

You can even order a mattress in a box, if you are worried about the bulk. It’s the regular size of your mattress compressed into a smaller package. When you are buying online though, make sure the manufacturer offers more information on warranties and trials just in case you want a replacement. 

Pat attention to your room lighting. – Are you one of those persons who love plenty of natural lighting?  Nothing wrong with that though, actually you save electricity because you will need less artificial lighting. As bulbs emit heat, your room would be cooler as well.   

During the day, having lots of natural lighting is actually great. However, at night, you may want to have less light. Especially during summer, where the days are longer. You can actually sleep more quickly if the lights are low. 

Can you have the best of both worlds? Yes, invest on blackout curtains, drapes, or blinds. When it’s night time and there’s still a bit of sunlight pouring in, pull down the blackout blinds to effectively block the brightness. Not only does it make the room dimmer, it makes it also less hot because it blocks the warm rays of the sun also.  

You just want to chill at the end of the day? Try these tips to make your room a better place to relax in. You need that rest, you deserve that rest. What else do you do to keep your room great for lounging?