Every second active Internet user has at least once thought about starting their own blog and improving their social credibility. This is not surprising – everyone knows that on the Internet you can not only get famous, but also earn money online. This practice became especially popular after the world quarantine, when people realized that it was not necessary to go to the office every day and work offline. Many people want to use this chance, but how to achieve the goal?

To succeed on Instagram, it won’t be enough for you to publish great posts and rely entirely on the platform’s algorithms. Develop a reliable promotion strategy – for this you need to use proven and effective ways of promotion. This is the key to achieving success and virality. In this article we’ll tell you about the 3 best: cross-promotion, the possibility to buy Instagram followers and using hashtags. These methods will be enough to start – your blog will grow more rapidly and efficiently. Keep reading!

1. Go Beyond Instagram

Did you know that most users have accounts in several social networks at once? According to statistics, most of them visit YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook too. For you, as a novice blogger, this is a real chance to interest the audience and find support from outside. Your content should be everywhere if you plan to create a loyal community. Depending on the format of the content (video or text), place them on certain platforms. 

YT Shorts and TikTok are ideal for IGTV and Reels – users like clips here and spend a lot of time watching such videos. Text posts are best placed on Twitter or Facebook – the audience of these sites spends more time reading interesting news and messages. Under each post, do not forget to attach a link to the original source; when viewers click on it, they’ll be on your IG page. Make it your habit, try to post regularly to different social networks. After a few weeks, you’ll see the result – the audience will become larger.

2. Use Paid Services 

The competition is great – it’s not a secret. Just imagine: there are more than 2 billion people online, and min. 30% are bloggers. New blogs appear every day, but not all of them become famous. Why? Beginners follow inconsistently. If you’re here to get a real result as quickly as possible, you need third-party support. We’re talking about the opportunity to buy real Instagram followers. Paid PR services are useful for everyone, but especially for newbies.

A page with a lot of fans looks much more attractive than a raw and empty one. We’d recommend you take the opportunity to buy views for story highlights – so you can stand out among the newcomers and become more presentable in the eyes of people. Users trust those who are followed by many, this encourages them to follow; here’s how social thinking works. Make your account flourish, prove your worth now!

3. Leverage Hashtags

Contrary to many stereotypes, the right hashtags remain one of the best ways to attract more user attention. It’s like optimizing your content, you need to specify niche tags. 

Your target audience is more likely to see posts if you include keywords and use them regularly. Don’t overdo it. Choose 5-10 of the best (not high-frequency and unpopular) and write them under each published post, use them in Stories and Reels – this will help increase their visibility, and, accordingly, contribute to the expansion of the audience. Good luck!