3 Special Ways To Celebrate Christmas This Year | Uncustomary

As we are now in the winter months, that means that we are leading up to Christmas! This time of year is special to so many around the world. However, a lot of the time we tend to do the same thing year on year, so, we have come up with three special ways that you can celebrate Christmas this year.

Disney World

Disney world is an obvious choice for any Disney lovers or those of you who have children. There could not be a better place to spend this magical holiday than the happiest place on earth. With beautiful decorations filling the parks, you are in for a real treat when you see what they have on offer. As well as the decorations, there is a variety of food, and all the rides are still open at this time of year. So, whether you are a thrill seeker, or simply a fanatic, Disney can offer you an amazing Christmas.

You do need to remember when you are packing for your holiday, to take at least one present each with you. As well as this, you want to have warm clothes for the cold days, but it is not always cold throughout the season, so make sure you pack something that will keep you cool too. If you are not travelling far, you might find that all you need is the proper carry on luggage. But, if you are travelling long distance for this, you are going to need carry on, and hold luggage to make sure that you have everything you need for your magical trip.

With Relatives

Many people spend Christmas with their families. Whether it is your family, your partners family, or your friends, spending Christmas with the people you love is always going to be a lovely option, even if you feel like it’s something you have to survive. Getting to spend this time with the people you care about is going to be something that you treasure for years to come, and that is why it is so special. No-one is going to be around forever, so make sure that you spend as much time as you can with your relatives.

Somewhere With Snow

3 Special Ways To Celebrate Christmas This Year | Uncustomary

When you think of Christmas, a lot of people think of snow. However, snow does not fall every year, and it certainly does not fall everywhere. So, if you want to be with the snow at Christmas, make sure that you are booking a holiday somewhere that is likely to have snow. A few examples could be Russia, Lapland, and Norway. These places usually have snow around the Christmas period, so if this is something that you are hoping for, you should look into this option.

We hope that you have enjoyed our list of special ways to celebrate Christmas this year. Anything that is a little different from what you usually do and brings joy to your family is going to be worth doing. Whether that is one of the things from our list or one from your own, we hope you enjoy a magical Christmas this year.