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Wardrobe lacking that certain something? Maybe it’s more ick than slick. Do you look at your closet full of clothes and have nothing to wear? Then it’s time for a closet redo. In fact, a closet overhaul is surprisingly simple, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Get started with these wardrobe-refresh tips.

1. Use the Three-Word Rule

Rules? Who needs ‘em? Well, you do, that’s who. When tackling your closet redo, use the three-word rule. So, what is the three-word rule? It’s a fashion formula strategy used to define personal style by fashion experts and icons. And it works for them. And it can work for you, too.

First, think about your personal style in terms of three keywords. For example, professional, tailored, classic. Or, cool, trend-driven and casual. Take a look in your closet and see what comes to mind. Are those three words how you see yourself? If not, it might be time to hit the men’s department.

2. Organize Your Closet

Once you’ve defined your personal style, then you can move onto the next step. Here’s where things can get tricky. It’s time for a closet cleanout. Now, this doesn’t mean taking all your old clothes and stuffing them under the bed or putting them in bins that will sit in the garage for the better part of a decade.

Instead, start by emptying your closet and drawers. Seriously, remove everything. That includes the baskets and bins and the hangers. After a quick clean up and dusting, you should be able to visualize how you want to organize your closet. Once you have your organization plan in mind, start purging unwanted items or move some clothing back in. When downsizing, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Do you love it?
  • Do you wear it?
  • Does it reflect the image I want to portray?

If you can answer with a confident “yes” to all three, move your clothes back in the closet. While you’re at it, you can use a good handheld steamer to make sure your clothes look like new before they go back in the closet. If not, start separating items into these four distinct piles:

  • Keep: Loved and worn often
  • Consign: Great shape and has potential to sell
  • Donate: To be loved by someone else
  • Trash: Beyond repair and must go

While returning some clothes to your closet, be sure to tuck away your least-worn items and reserve the front and middle of your closet for the stuff you wear most. Finally, group “like with like;” for example, belts with belts, jeans with jeans, shorts with shorts — you get it.

3. Build Your Wardrobe

Rome wasn’t built in a day — and neither was anyone’s wardrobe. Building your new wardrobe will take some time. Essentials like an Oxford shirt, a great pair of jeans, crew neck tees, casual patterned flannel shirts and a bomber jacket are must-haves for any guy’s closet. Fashion forward kids? Boys Suits are a must. Don’t forget the accessories, either! Theres a wide range of accessories from belts to watches to make every outfit pop. Choosing the best watch for you can be tricky, but there are resources. If you’re into the smart watch market, you can replace your samsung gear s2 bands. These items can be worn from season-to-season, and each has its own classic, timeless appeal. With a wardrobe stacked with all the essentials, you’ll never again have to ask yourself, “What should I wear?”

Refresh Your Wardrobe to Look Your Best

With these expert fashion tips, you can create a wardrobe with clothing items you like and plan to wear. From using the three-word rule to building your wardrobe with all the essentials, you’ll be on your way to best-dressed in no time.