We are moving out of decadent and pragmatic Taurus season into stimulating, communicative, and whimsical Gemini season. When we start Taurus season, we’re excited to get into things, but we can get worn out from how grounded things can get. And Gemini will let you soar into the skies and get you as far off the ground as possible to balance you out!

Remember: even if you’re shy to astrology, I think this monthly checklist series, a bucket lishttps://www.nailproducts.reviews/best-nail-polisht of sorts, can be helpful to get you to focus on different areas of your life and maintain that balance year-round. And hey– if magical cosmos are in your favor and helping you along the way, who are you to complain?

Gemini is an air sign ruled by Mercury. Geminis are usually incredibly outgoing, witty, smart, and versatile. They can be impulsive to a fault, indecisive, nosy, and inconsistent. Geminis’ symbol is the twins. There is this incredible way that Geminis are multi-faceted and have many aspects to their personalities, which they exercise often. To some people, this can seem fake, but to Geminis, they’re just flexing all their strengths in different environments in a way that feels good.

Some famous Geminis are Marilyn Monroe and Russell Brand. I personally have a ton of Gemini in my chart, in very important places. I was actually born around the hour it changed from Gemini to Cancer in the Sun position, so I’m 29 degrees Gemini and 0 degrees Cancer, making me a cusp baby. Although I see more Cancer coming out as I get older, I definitely identify as a Gemini Sun. I’m also a Gemini Rising, Gemini Mercury, and Gemini Venus. That’s a lotta Gemini, baby! Sometimes I feel attacked by how Gemini I am. I can be Gemini to a “T”, and I also have Bipolar Disorder, literally making me, “two-faced”, which is what people worry about with “undeveloped” Geminis. Geminis get quite a hit in the zodiac community for being shitshows! But look at the two people I used as famous examples. Those are people who create(d) beautiful art, have intoxicating personalities, and also struggled with demons. That’s some classic Gemini right there.

Gemini season is the perfect time to get in touch with your friends, work on your communication skills, tap into your inner child and curiosity, throw routine to the wind, express yourself, expand your knowledge, and partner up with someone somehow. Celebrating dualities (twins!), is a big thing here. There are a ton of things you can do to celebrate Gemini Season, but let’s take a look at the 25 ways I came up with for you to start with!

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PS – I know a lot of these ideas from last year are things that involve being with people or going out, but use your creative mind to think about how you can apply that energy to still celebrate! And if you need more ideas, the workshop is a GREAT place to dive into things in more depth!

25 Ways To Celebrate Gemini Season | Uncustomary

25 Ways To Celebrate Gemini Season

1. Be open to new education styles. Tune into someone who educates on a subject your passionate about but in a totally different style/way of thinking than you do and see what you can learn from them
2. Communicate in ways you usually don’t. Write letters, leave voicemails, put notes on cars. Exercise those talking muscles with your friends. Hold space for people. Try to listen more than you speak, but definitely voice your opinion!
3. Attend/organize a social networking event. Or work on being better at utilizing social media for networking. Now is the time to forge connections!
4. Play the cloud game. Mix air elements with imagination and play by clearing your mind and thinking up what shape that cloud looks like. Bonus points if you do it with a partner, and you can bond over both seeing the same dinosaur in the same cloud.
5. Get a manicure. Gemini rules the hands, so take extra care of your hands right now! Treat yourself to a manicure, get your cuticles pushed back, put a pretty color of paint on your nails, get a hand massage, put moisturizer on your hands before you go to bed, etc.
6. Go to an Open Mic Night. You don’t necessarily have to perform (but obviously bonus points if you do), but be around people who are being vulnerable and open about expressing themselves creatively and in a performance atmosphere! It can be spoken poetry, music, stand-up comedy, whatever you’re drawn to!
7. Try your hand at multitasking. We’re no longer trying to be laser focused and deliberate, it’s okay to embrace that feeling of your brain having 100 tabs open in Google Chrome. You’re allowed to explore a bunch of things at once, you’re allowed to read multiple books at once. You’re allowed to date more than one person at once (as long as you’re communicating with people and it’s all okay). You’re allowed to switch back and forth between activities you’re doing at night. You can listen to music while reading. Test your boundaries and see how many things you can do at once without totally overwhelming yourself! You might be surprised what you’re capable of. (Or just try rubbing your tummy and tapping your head at the same time and see what your baseline is.)
8. Start consuming new knowledge. Download new podcasts. Watch new documentaries. Read more books. Listen to more TED Talks. Take a class. Get the technology and tools that will help support these ventures. And don’t forget that you don’t always have to be behind the screen. You can also teach what you know, and this is a great time to step in the spotlight as a teacher/mentor.
9. Watch what you’re saying about other people. Geminis have a tendency to be nosy and to love gossip. Sometimes it’s because they really just want to know everything, but this is a good time to watch what we’re saying about other people. If you can’t say something nice, say nothing. Or take a second before you speak to think about why you’re actually about to complain or spread this news. Who is it benefiting? (Pay extra attention when your intoxicated since your inhibitions are lowered.)
10. Go to local events you’d usually ignore. You can support local/small businesses while hanging out with existing friends, potentially meeting new ones, and exploring! Wins all over the places.
11. Feed birds. Air signs are drawn to birds (obviously), so think of a way you can connect to them. Put a bird feeder outside your house (homemade ones are super easy to make), or visit an Aviary House at a zoo, or go to a park to see a group of ducks waddling around. You can get a bird watching book and go bird watching, or just keep in mind that if you start to see the same type of bird over and over again that you might want to look up what that means online or in a Spirit Animal book (they usually have meanings for where you’re at/going in your life). PS – Parakeets or Parrots are birds that can actually talk, so it would be super cool to visit one of them! You can learn more about spirit animals by visiting spiritanimaldreams.com
12. Get your handwriting analyzed. Handwriting is one of the original ways we communicated, and it’s actually very telling as to our personalities and/or what we’re currently going through. You can find people online or locally who will do a handwriting analysis with you. Or you can look it up yourself. Super tiny nuances actually mean really big things, it’s crazy! And hey, you can get crazy with handwriting and even take up calligraphy.
13. Stretch your shoulders. Gemini, in addition to the hands, also rules the shoulders (everything it rules is in pairs). And Geminis tend to carry a lot of tension in their shoulders. When we used to talk on the phone (pre-texting), it was because we would hold the phone up to our ear on one side. I personally still have issues on my left shoulder because of it! It can also be from how often you’re spending time on the computer (blogging? haha!). So try shoulder stretches, or yoga positions that are focused on the shoulders. They help me out so much.
14. Have a picnic. Pack up a cute picnic basket with food, some activities (books, ribbon wands, bubbles, music, etc.), a comfy blanket, chairs, whatever you want, and head out to a pretty park to have a lunch in the shade with your friends. You can talk over food, and embrace play while you’re at it! Enjoy the breeze and breathe it in together.
15. Learn something in a foreign language. Communication is obviously huge, but the native language you learned is only one way to say your favorite word or phrase. What if you learned it in another spoken language or sign language? You don’t have to sign up for a full on foreign language class and dedicate the next few years to becoming fluent. Just dip your toes into mastering a specific phrase that means something to you.
16. Do activities meant for two people. These don’t need to be done with a romantic partner/significant other by any means. This is all about finding someone you enjoy. Try riding a tandem bike, playing on a seesaw, a two person board/card game, a paddle boat with two seats, sing a duet in karaoke, etc.
17. Write down all your ideas. Seriously, all of them. This is also the best time to shop for notebooks for real. I know I’m probably enabling you, but it’s okay. It’s Gemini Season! Get that new notebook, and write down all your brilliant ideas. Carry the book around with you and put down everything from songs you want to look up on Spotify, to concepts you hear in conversation you want to Google/deep-dive, to books you want to buy, to inspirational quotes you hear, to weird videos you want to record, to cute ideas for gifts for your friends, to your shopping lists. Everything.
18. Breathe. The third thing Gemini rules is the lungs (see, two again?). And unfortunately Geminis are really likely to be shallow breathers (guilty!), even as an air sign. We’re just constantly on the move, and forget to ground ourselves. So this is a great time to remember to breathe, even if that’s the only grounding you do. Breathing is so good for us. And three deep breaths can bring you back to center and boost your body so much, it’s crazy.
19. Go on an adventure. This is all about being curious and exploring what’s around you. You can look for the most original things (we all know I love Roadside America and Atlas Obscura as resources for local weird things), but you can just walk around your block, your city, wherever. You can also take a road trip. Just don’t be afraid to look at the details, see things with new eyes, look up, go down alleys, backtrack, etc.
20. Think about your “twin mind”. It’s a little different than Scorpio with our Shadow Self. Do you have alter personalities/egos that want to come out any play? Embrace them! Also, maybe try to balance out your activities that you do in a day. Like if you do something working on your physicality (working out) in the morning, try to balance it out with working on something working on your intellect (browsing a bookstore or museum) in the evening. How can you create duality in your life in a way that feels good and balanced, and not an uncomfortable cognitive dissonance?
21. Purify the air in your home. Open your windows, get a humidifier, an essential oil diffuser, air purifying plants, etc. Also clean off all that dust. Replace the filter in your air conditioner. How can you breathe your best breaths in your home?
22. Rethink the way you’re using transportation. This is a great time to organize carpools (added value of socialization). You can also try public transportation, riding a bike, taking one of those scooters that are taking over most of the major cities. How can you mix up your commute?
23. Say no to routine. Speaking of mixing things up, Geminis hate routine so much they will run from it before anything else. Mix up your routine with these 50 ideas. Do things backwards, different, lopsided, weirdly, just not the same over and over. Monotony killed the Gemini.
24. Create something. Geminis are very creative and love to make stuff, so exercise your ability to be creative (there are so many kinds of creative intelligences) and be innovative in your own way!
25. Laugh your ass off. Geminis are known for being funny and witty. So make time for laughing. Try laughter yoga, going to see a comedian live, watching stand-up at home, coming up with your own jokes, spending time with your funniest friends, watching funny YouTube compilations, etc.

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How will you celebrate Gemini season?

Photos: Maura Housley
Photo Editing: Joe Dissolvo