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You shouldn’t spend your summer sadly and joylessly! You cannot miss an opportunity to have fun with your pet, rest your soul from the academic mess with the help of essaybirdie. Thus, we are here to make sure that this summer will not disappoint you and will be admired by your four-footed friend as well. Add these 10 essentials to the list of plans for the remaining month, take a leash and go for a walk today! Here are some helpful things to do before summer ends.

1) Weekends With The Dog

Call your friends whose pets are struggling in hot city apartments and invite them to have lunch in a cafe that is loyal to domestic animals. Moreover, you can browse the Internet in search for cool things for dogs to do in various pet locations.

2) Picnic

Instead of an ordinary walk to the nearby courtyards, take the dog to a picnic. Make sandwiches, dog’s delicacies, take a bottle of water without gas and a fragrant cold tea in a thermos. Do not forget the rug. Choose a picturesque park or any other beautiful places where fairs and gastro-festivals are held from time to time. Thus, enjoy a breathing space, and relax in the shade of trees. But do not forget about the precautions on avoiding allergies and other diseases!

3) Spa Day

Summer weather tends to be unpredictable, hence you can devote an hour or two to hygienic procedures on a cloudy day. It can be done at home or in a specialized grooming salon. You will have an opportunity to bathe your pet, clean up their ears, teeth, and claws there. Organize your time wisely and do a little massage. Also, if you wash and disinfect your dog’s toys, it will be great.

4) Journey

Take a car and drive away from the city!  Let the puppy stick his face out of the window and catch the wind, stop at the dog-friendly hotel and inspect the neighborhood of the town where you have never been before. Arrange yourself a small trip to the nearby town: have a snack near the road (that’s still extreme!).

5) Legalize Your Relationship

Join the dog club (depending on the breed of your pet) and participate in gatherings. You will learn a lot about how to raise your dog and even find him/her a cute couple. In addition, you will find like-minded people with whom you can go for walks, as well as explore new locations of relaxation and active games.

6) Go In For Sports

Why not making a sportsman out of your own dog? If you are a gambler and a dog is well-trained, it will make merit to your pet and bring a lot of pleasure from the victory. However, such activities for dogs are not recommended in the case of pet’s health and safety. There are a lot of other options: agility, water competitions… Even if you believe in your pet’s physical abilities, you can simply enjoy active sports such as dog diving, for example.

7) Get On The Beach

What is summer without making fun things for dogs? You have to get to the beach and take your pet with you: just imagine how he would go crazy during running and wallowing in the warm water. If you do not like the local beaches, feel free to attend the resort! Plus, playing with dogs removes anxiety.

8) Get Interested Together

Take your dog to the match of the city football team or basketball. You can do it if you are sure that the dog will behave decently and will not chase the ball, grabbing the legs of the players. In advance, make sure that the pet goes to the toilet before the match, and take food and fresh water with you.

9) Photo Session

While the weather is satisfactory, contact a photographer and schedule a photo shoot. Choose several images of examples for yourself and dog, carefully plan the concept. Firstly, the process itself will be fun and such a weekend will remain in your memory for a long time. Secondly, priceless memories of this day will be preserved in high-quality photographs.

10) Record A Funny Video

If your pet knows how to do something cute or interesting (usually when dogs just sit on the couch or are snoring – it’s already incredibly cute!), record down a video. Perhaps he loves to dance to Snoop Dog’s songs? Or shows an unusual interest in the “Game of Thrones”? Share these spectacles with a multi-million audience on YouTube. Consider investing in a GoPro Dog Harness strap on your favorite action camera and record an awesome video from your dogs point of view. Thus, we guarantee that a query on: “What should I do in the summer” will vanish.

12 Things To Do With Your Dog Before The End Of Summer | Uncustomary

11) Frisbee

It is also a popular kind of sport and leisure activity. The essence is simple: the owner throws a special “plate” into the air, which the dog must catch on the fly. This sport is suitable for almost all breeds, but the dog should be trained at early stages. Dogs who genetically inclined to train are fond of frisbee, and it is not a surprise.

12) Flyball

You should find or buy particular installation consists of small barriers and a box that throws the ball at your command. Actually, the essence is as follows: the animal immediately overcomes these obstacles, presses the button on the device, catches the ball and runs back quickly through the same obstacles. As you have already understood, the faster means, the better. Usually, there are two installations with obstacles and several balls.

12 Things To Do With Your Dog Before The End Of Summer | Uncustomary