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Did you know that every March 16th we get the chance to observe an awesome unusual holiday called National Panda Day? Now, it’s no secret that I’ve developed an interest in pandas, or at least Pandamonium… I have so much fun wearing that mask, it’s one of my favorite weird things to do. It always makes people smile, and I’m not giving up that shtick any time soon! Also, interesting fact, in my early 20’s, I texted everyone in my phone to ask what animal they thought I’d be/associated me with, and like 85% of them said panda, with no influence of one another. Isn’t that weird?! I don’t really identify with them other than I like to roll down hills and also have no desire to procreate, but I definitely don’t take it as an insult! That was so long ago, I wonder what people would answer now…

Anyway! Pandas have actually slightly increased their population and have gone from their previous label of “endangered” to “vulnerable”. Still not great, but progress is progress! Pandas are the highlight attraction at the DC Zoo, and while I have very mixed feelings on zoos, you have to admit they’re cute to see. It’s been years since I’ve been to one, but the last time I was there everyone was waiting around complaining that the pandas were “just sitting there”, and as soon as I walked up the mom and baby started having a contest to see who could down the giant hill the most awkward, ridiculous way. They both won.

10 Ways To Celebrate Panda Day | Uncustomary

10 Ways To Celebrate Panda Day

1. Donate to an organization who helps pandas. You can actually symbolically adopt a panda through the World Wildlife Fund, for different tiers based on what you can donate.
2. Get yourself a panda mask and do a silly (or boudoir) photoshoot, or take to the streets to spread some smiles!
3. Do a panda-themed DIY/craft, like make a panda pom pom, panda sleep mask, or a panda tote bag.
4. Channel a panda, and bring their favorite food into your house as a plant that also brings in prosperity: bamboo!
5. Watch adorable videos of pandas, like the classic sneezing panda.
6. Bake panda-themed desserts, like these panda cookies.
7. Treat yourself to a panda-themed item of clothing, accessory, or home decoration from this list.
8. Throw a panda party and invite all your friends! It may be pretty black and white, but here are some great ideas for things to include.
9. Watch movies featuring pandas, like “Born In China”, “Kung Fu Panda”, and “The Amazing Panda Adventure”.
10. Educate yourself on the life of pandas! Check out these 67 facts!

How else can you celebrate Panda Day?

Photos: Maura Housley