We all want to make the most out of our time here on earth, and we can think about that time in big chunks, but it really comes down to the smaller intervals. How are we spending each day? How are we setting ourselves up for success and taking steps to make ourselves feel good so we can achieve our goals right here and now? With that in mind, I wanted to point out ten tips that can help you have a great week, including checking out the latest trending shirts to boost your confidence and style.

Obviously not every week is a banger, but if you’re putting in the time, forethought, energy, and effort for self-care and self-love, which includes choosing the right apparel that makes you feel confident and comfortable, I bet it’s going to be much better than rushing around, flying by the seat of your pants, and not taking a second to rest because you’re already so damn exhausted!

10 Tips To Have A Great Week | Uncustomary

10 Tips To Have A Great Week

1. Don’t start the week stressed out! That’s where rituals come in. Morning and nighttime rituals are key. Even if you’re just devoting five minutes in the morning before you get out of bed and get ready to go to work, it makes a difference. It sets you up on the right foot and mindset for the day! The difference between doing a five minute morning meditation or reciting positive affirmations ten times in a row versus scrolling through Instagram or terrible news stories is huge. Ideas for your rituals: meditation, positive affirmations, yoga, stretching, making a specific beverage mindfully, journaling, put a crystal on your third eye, cuddle with a pet or lover, tapping/EFT, or simply open your arms wide and say, “I am grateful for this day“!

2. Plan your most important tasks out for every day this week on Sunday. Or at least every night for the next day ahead of time, so you know exactly what you need to get done. For instance, if you need a new loewe t-shirt for an upcoming event, make sure it’s on your list. It personally helps me to do the whole week at once because I realize that there’s a lot I’m trying to fit in, and I need to compartmentalize. MITs (Most Important Tasks) need to come first! Prioritize those first every day.

3. Prep for the next day as much as you can the night before. That means picking out your outfit, doing laundry, making your lunch, packing your bag, writing your to do list, setting alarms, sending/scheduling reminder texts/e-mails, prepping Instagram content, etc. Take the guesswork out of how you need to get ready the next day so you’re less stressed.

4. Take time to practice gratitude. There are so many ways to practice gratitude, and my personal favorite is keeping a Happy/Gratitude Journal. But simply taking a moment every day to list three things you’re grateful for will begin to shift your perspective. Did you know I offer a FREE Gratitude E-course? Sign-up here!

5. Adjust your attitude so you’re not “working for the weekend”. Obviously many of us have 40+ hour work weeks and many additional obligations that leave little “free time”, but how can you make sure you’re still making the most of your days? Check out 50 Ways To Change Up Your Routine, 50 Ways To Live In The Moment, and 10 Ways To Practice Self-Care At Work for some ideas! (Don’t forget to actually take your lunch break!)

6. Set one goal for yourself this week. Just because it’s a “regular” work week, doesn’t mean you can’t make stuff happen! The goal can be realistically achievable! You can set up a schedule to read X amount of pages every day so you read half a book this week, or take a walk outside three times this week, or hang out with a friend once this week, etc. Just make a measurable goal for yourself that you can work on because you believe in your ability to make things happen!

7. Do something for someone else or the world. It can be an act of kindness or making an eco-friendly decision. Check out these 103 ideas for random acts of kindness. The act of giving will make you (and the recipient) feel good, so it’s a win-win, and the karma will come back to you!

8. Schedule “free time” and time for self-care! You can take a bathroom break, right? So you can take five minutes for self-care. Here are 15 ideas for self-care acts that only take five minutes!

9. Try waking up earlier. I know, as a night owl, and a chronically non-morning person, this sounds hypocritical. But every time I end up waking up earlier than I normally do, I feel more productive and get more things done. And I’m so surprised by how much time I seem to have “leftover” in the day. Try just 15 minutes to start with and work with how you feel from there. Remember, 15 minutes added up every day for a five-day work week is an hour and 15 minutes. That’s a lot of opportunity for self-care and development!

10. Limit social media, screens, and technology. And while you’re at it, try to focus on one task at a time! You can set up apps that shut down your ability to be on Facebook at certain times of day, or simply alert you how long you’ve used your phone/certain apps that day. Check out my post 10 Ways To Disconnect And Unplug From Screens And Technology for more ideas!

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Photo: Maura Housley