It’s natural for countless women to find themselves in this precarious spot, having to let go of careers for the sake of family is the decision that will never come easily. But is it possible to keep a healthy work home balance? Managing stress from all those factors may not be effortlessly attained, but it is certainly a possibility. Those who persevere will make it work.

Here are a few tips that will help you achieve your goal. No solution is ever universal, and depending on your family and employer, some moms may have an easier time adapting while others may have to work a bit harder in comparison. Either way, if you intend to pursue your career ambitions and still have time for your loved ones, you should come prepared. You won’t have an easy time.

10 Tips On How To Balance Between Parenting And Work | Uncustomary

1) Think Strategically

As in, don’t ask yourself to prioritize one over the other, but rather visualize what you’re trying to achieve.

This is the first thing you should do as far as ‘work vs family’ arguments go. Being honest with yourself and admitting that juggling both parenting and work will include some compromises on the part of both is the first step. Concentrating on parenting may be a detriment to your work. Allocate enough time each day to focus on each aspect in a way that won’t hurt anything.

2) Schedule Your Day

Once you’re done figuring out your goals, your daily routine comes next. Do it from top to bottom, since the very second that alarm clock starts beeping until the moment you crash into your bed. Make sure to include everything you’re going to deal with or at least the majority of it.

3) Get Some ‘Me’ Time

Having to deal with either work or family without breaks will quickly wear you down. Always get some personal time to reinvigorate your life essence. This is when you begin ignoring outside factors and concentrate on rest. Yoga, meditation, jogging or napping – whatever helps you unwind from your struggles and duties caring for newborns.

4) Don’t Compromise On Anything

When it comes to your job, you should negotiate new working conditions that would benefit both parties: you and your employer. Part-time work, flexible schedules or something along those lines may be the solution here if you’re not hitting your daily performance quota. You’re not the first one and by far not the last to ask their employer about it. Of course, lesser salary will be tough to bear, but if all else fails, it’s worth giving a shot working as a freelancer.

As a designer or a writer, for example. Countless lazy kids need an essay for college now, an annotated bibliography writer or whichever other assignments are out there.

10 Tips On How To Balance Between Parenting And Work | Uncustomary

5) Hire A Nanny (Or Husband)

Think of this as part of your overall plan. This may be the best alternative for those who don’t want to leave their children without supervision. If hubby doesn’t want to do his share of the work, then maybe it’s time for you the become the wife that slaps some sense into him. Husbands and nannies can never fully replace you, but in the grand scheme of things, it’ll be much easier with their support.

6) Make Mornings Easier By Preparing Everything Beforehand

Think of this is as a time management solution and an extension of the second tip. By preparing everyone and everything before you go to bed is the best thing you could do for your morning routine. This simple yet effective thing will make mornings so much smoother for any full time working mom. 

7) Stay In Contact For The Day

If you’re getting swamped by work, the least you could do is talk with your kids and make some necessary arrangements. Ask them about their day if you’re not there for them. A small distraction, but still a beneficial thing to do.

8) Disregard Guilt

Feeling guilty for having to skip one of your kid’s parties or competitions may be a primary cause of grief, but you should approach this from a different angle. Everything you do will benefit everyone around you. Your kids, especially. There’s no place for pointless sentiments.

9) Make Your Time With Your Children Special

If you’re a hard working mother, make sure to play just as hard. Off-the-cuff parties, nights out or simple games and activities. As a side note, you can bring your kids to work and make them your little helpers for the day. But do consult with your employer before that.

10) Discover How Other Moms Do It

Learning by doing is fine, and it will let you come up with some inventive solutions on your own, but learning from other moms who are employing tips and tricks of their own may be a very good idea after all. They already have the experience and can gladly share their findings… or start griping about how Sandy decided to take a bite out of a rock at school. Either way, it’s a good way to generate some insight, but don’t be judgmental. What’s right for you, may not be right for them and the other way around. Dad wants some time to himself, too, so finding free time for dad solves your gift ideas for Father’s Day, too.