An anniversary is the first holiday that a couple celebrates together. This date symbolizes love, understanding, and respect for each other. Psychologists agree on one thing: it is best to mark such a date together. An original romantic evening and pleasant surprises are those impressions that will remain with you for life. However, people in love often wonder how to celebrate the first anniversary to remember it for the term of life. So, there are 10 best 1 year dating anniversary ideas to impress a beloved woman.

Dinner at your place

A candlelight dinner in a homey atmosphere involves a table setting and drawing up a menu. For more romance, you can cook your favorite dishes together with a loved one. Since you’ve been
together for one year, you already have an idea about your partner’s favorite dishes. Do some research online to know the ingredients used in these dishes, then learn how you can make them at home.

The entire process of cooking for your loved one might be time-consuming, but this gesture is something that your partner will certainly appreciate. This is especially true if you’re not fond of cooking, and is only doing so to celebrate your anniversary.

Aside from your partner’s favorite dishes, you can also try out making more recipes to complete the dinner date. It is enough just to cook one hot dish – baked or grilled fish or meat with common seasonings, choose the right dressing, and make a simple salad. In addition, bring a bottle of good red or white wine, fruits, and desserts for a sweet tooth. Then, you should consider another important thing that distinguishes a usual dinner at home from a romantic one – table setting. Put a cloth on the table, light aroma candles, and scatter rose petals or fresh flowers. And also, you need beautiful kitchenware and well-polished appliances.

Repeat your first date

If you decide to mark this day only with each other, try to do your best and reiterate the first date. This is a good option even for those men who are used to meet women online. To reiterate the first date, remember all the little things about that day. Remember where you first dated and the meals you ordered during that date. If possible, surprise your partner by wearing the same or similar clothes you’ve worn during your first date. 

As for gifts, a man usually brings flowers and a present, and the girl should also present some surprise to her loved one. This day will remain in your memory for a long time, if you, for example, prepare helium balloons, tie a piece of paper with wishes to each thread, and let them fly to the sky. Also, you can release Chinese lanterns to the clouds to make your wishes come true.

Go on travels

It is an ideal option for an anniversary if you want to escape the day-to-dayness and feel refreshment of mind and body. Traveling is a great way to spend more time with a beloved person and refresh your feelings. And it is not necessary to buy an expensive tour and wait for a work vacation – you can just take a trip to a nearby town.

Going on travels with your loved one is another great way to celebrate your first-year anniversary because this allows the two of you to spend time solely to yourselves. Traveling can also serve as an effective avenue for you to know your partner better, strengthening the relationship in the long run.

A lovely photo shoot

An anniversary is an occasion to have fun and capture the story of your love. Girls especially like to be photographed: the very preparation for the photo shoot already creates the right mood and brings a lot of pleasure to both of you. You can arrange a thematic photos hoot and get very unusual photos.

Depending on your preferences, you can hire a professional photographer and have your photos taken outdoors or in a studio. Regardless of the option you’ll choose, a lovely photo shoot is one of the best ways to celebrate your anniversary because this allows the two of you to remember the special day. You can even make it a tradition to have your photos professionally taken during all of your anniversaries, then compile all photos in one album.

Big screen for two

To implement this idea, rent a cinema hall for one performance and order a movie that your girlfriend has long wanted to watch. You can sit anywhere you want and be completely alone in the hall during the film. A romantic atmosphere is guaranteed. It will be a very unusual date!

Have a hotel room

This is one of the most interesting options to celebrate the first anniversary. Firstly, the situation itself has a romantic mood – you two come to a hotel, book a nice room, order drinks, and food there, and light candles. The atmosphere is unfamiliar, household issues do not bother you. Secondly, you will know for sure that no one will disturb you. It is better to turn mobile phones off in advance. This is a great way to reconnect with your partner, especially if the two of you are usually busy at work.

Going out into nature

If your anniversary happens during a warm season, it is a good idea to mark it outside the house, in the lap of nature. So, you can arrange something like a romantic picnic for two. Choose a beautiful place, spread a throw blanket, and treat each other with tasty goodies. To add a little more romance to your date, take strawberries and a bottle of champagne.

Arrange a night ride

Rent a car, stock up on your favorite music, and take a ride along the amazing night city. It is not necessary to spend the whole evening in the car; you can make a stop to eat somewhere or to have a little stroll. It may even happen that you will want to spend the night in the car.


You can start the day with a fragrant foam bath and give massage to each other. And after that, set off for a spa center or a water park. The first option will help you to get strength for a new day, and the second one will charge you with energy, positive emotions, and fabulous memories for life. Check out more One year anniversary dating gifts for him.

Make a common dream come true

If you have long dreamed of, riding in an open-top car to your favorite song, diving in the sea, jumping with a parachute, or spending a night on the beach – it is time to put it into practice! Unforgettable emotions are provided to both of you