Bubble Wrap Bus Station

Monday was Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. A couple years ago, I celebrated with a small “relaxation station” on a pole, and this year I decided to take it to the next level. After ordering a giant roll of blue bubble wrap off Amazon, I took Nick with me to the city and we set out […]

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Search For Smiles

Thinking positively is a skill. Happiness is a choice. You can’t wait for good things to happen, you have to give yourself the opportunity for joy. I promise, the more goodness you create, the more you’ll find. So go out today, and search for a smile. Do something fun for yourself today. You can’t put off […]

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Snowman Found

Last week, I alerted the internet that I was missing a snowman. Well, I found him. It looks like the heat got to be too much for him. The note he left for us said “Dear World, In the words of Hunter S. Thompson, ‘Things never got weird stayed cold enough for me’. I hope […]

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Women Are Wonderful (I’m Tired Of Hearing Otherwise)

I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the pressure put on women in society of how we’re expected to look, speak, and act. We’re supposed to be extremely thin with big boobs and a voluptuous ass, with smooth, hairless skin and shiny flowing hair. We’re supposed to always be sexy and desirable, but not acknowledge […]

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