Fuck You, Louis C.K.

triggers: sexual abuse It hurts me to write this post. Earlier today as I was waiting for a friend to come over, I almost put on one of Louis C.K.’s many stand-up specials on my TV, but I said to myself, “Mary, you always watch him. Watch something else.” It’s true. At least once a […]

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Honk If You Believe In Unicorns

Continuing on with the Honk If You… series, I’ve got a “Honk If You Believe In Unicorns” sign to share with you! This was probably (definitely) the most dangerous addition to this series, and I’m glad Maura was with me. You really can’t see much in that unicorn mask, and I stepped a little too far […]

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Podcast: The ChronicBabe

Did you see there’s a new episode up of my podcast, Uncustomary Love? Check it out! I interview Jenni Grover, creator of ChronicBabe! We talk about struggles with chronic illness, solutions for questions people are constantly asked, whether or not we should use the term “sufferer”, how to deal with statements like, “…but you don’t […]

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Snail Mail Game Show | Round 15

So glad the Snail Mail Game Show is creative as ever and ready to share the results! For Round 15, the participants received a piece of paper with the outline of a whale’s blow hole spout and the prompt, “We tell the story of Jonah who supposedly survived inside the belly of a whale for three days. What […]

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A Pear Is A Fruit, Not A Body Type


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