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Hey! I’m so excited you found me and are interested in exploring my space a little more. My blog is something I put a lot of effort into, and I hope that you get something out of it. It started as a way for me to document my creative adventures, and it’s turned into something that I hope can actually be useful to my friends and strangers alike. I want to prove to you that you are already beautiful as you are, and that it’s okay to live the life you want regardless of what anyone tells you.

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Regular Features

Self-Love reminds you to take care of yourself and accept who you are and what gorgeous things you have to add to this world.

 Weekly Happiness where I share images and lists of the joyful parts of life.

Street Art documents my adventures with guerrilla installations I create to make public space more fun, colorful, and interactive.

Snail Mail showcases the exceptionally fantastic letters, postcards, and parcels that fly in and out of my mailbox on a weekly basis; it’s in no way a lost art.

 Performance Art shares my outrageous interactions with strangers while dressed in costumes, acting strange

 Unusual Holidays is a running celebration of all the weird and wonderful observances you might not get a day off work for (or even realize existed).

Bucket List keeps you up to date on the goals I check off as I try to experience the most of what life has to offer.

 Self-Love Writing Prompts is a guest post feature where you select a prompt from my list and I share your work.

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What cool stuff do you do?

 I wrote a book!

I have a classroom with e-courses and workshops!

 I host a podcast called Uncustomary Love!

 I’m available for hire to do speaking events, teach classes, and do book signings!

 I offer a one-on-one Happy Hour service where we celebrate you!

 I give you free stuff like the Self-Love E-CourseColor Your Clit zine, Gratitude E-course, and Mindfulness E-Course, and envelope template.

 I host a Snail Mail Game Show, where you can get silly and creative via the postal system!

I provide a service for you to send a Letter To Your Future Self!

Where can I find you?

 Instagram – lots of happy, brightly colored images mixed with inspirational tips

 Pinterest – a collection of everything colorful from fashion to DIY projects to home decor

 Facebook – updates of blog posts and sharing of interesting articles

 Twitter – quotes, tips, ideas, and sarcastic things I think of

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