Podcast: Taking The Stigma Out Of Medication

For my third podcast, I decided to elaborate on a recent set of Instagram Stories I had an overwhelming response to: the stigma of medication for mental illness. This is something very important that we don’t talk about enough. I’m hoping even more people get to listen in and identify with it. You should never feel any […]

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Podcast: Sarah Steckler

For my second podcast, I interviewed my new lady crush, self-love coach: Sarah Steckler! Come listen to us talk about self-love in terms of moving around a lot, financial planning, perfectionism, and more! Plus, grab your FREE 14-day workbook (complete with audio!) from her. My second episode is live and you can check it out now. […]

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Podcast Pilot: You’ll Always Be Beautiful

I’m really excited to announce that I have my own podcast now! Nick and Dee from Tin Can Media contacted me and offered me my own platform, and I’m really excited to explore this new medium! I’ll be talking about self-love, body positivity, mental health, creativity, and more! My pilot episode is live and you […]

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