7th Annual Baltimore Bubble Parade

Held this year on Saturday, May 27th in Riverside Park, Baltimore.


This year was the biggest turn out for the Baltimore Bubble Parade yet! We had over 600 people in attendance.

The weather was perfect, partly cloudy in the 70’s. A lovely late spring day in Riverside Park in South Baltimore.

For the first hour, brightly dressed participants played with a parachute, big bubble wands, rope wands, skip its, jump ropes, balls, and other lawn toys and games.

They entered the Mystery Raffle for a surprise prize, enjoyed desserts from the Miss Twist ice cream truck, and danced to the lovely tunes from DJ Nate Carper.

They also made use of the digital Pixilated Photobooth with boxes of unique hats, accessories, and other props provided by the event. (This was a perfect way to send a memento of the event directly to your phone so it was ready for you even before you were home.)

At the hour mark, everyone lined up to make the .4 mile walk (parade) around the park where thousands of bubbles were blown and a true display of joy, fun, and play was created for the neighborhood.

After the parade, the winners of the Costume Contest (best dressed adult, child, and dog) and Mystery Raffle were announced.


This video was created by Darian Jones. If you repost, please credit him. _silentarcher on Instagram.

Costume Contest +
Mystery Raffle


Congrats to the winners


Best dressed Adult, Child, and dog

Plus surprise raffle winner


Peep The Prizes

Mystery Raffle

Best Dressed Adult Prize

Best Dressed Child Prize

Best Dressed Dog Prize

About Your Host

Mary Uncustomary England

Mary Uncustomary England

Merriment Maker

Mary is published author, life coach, event speaker, podcaster, and team building facilitator. She has two degrees in Psychology and has run her own business since 2013, where she created her own job title as Merriment Maker.

She was previously in management of a Day Program of a psychiatric rehabilitation center, has one mental illnesses of her own, and knows it’s not necessary to be naturally happy or have a positive past in order to have a fun life or beautiful future.

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Moments Of Gratitude

 💕 The mom was so grateful for her child who just got out of the hospital and to be alive and told me this was the perfect place to be 💕 A kid blowing a snot bubble 💕 How many people participated in the costume contest 💕 Face paint fly faeries 💕 Bubble lawn mower 💕 Big rope wands 💕 Kids in sunglasses 💕 Line dancing 💕 Dancing to “The Heat Is On” 💕 The little girl with the phone prop smiling so big 💕 Wanda (Waldo) saying they wanted to get lost in the crowd 💕 Sidewalk chalk drawings 💕 Playing hopscotch 💕 That tiny tiny tiny puppy (and owner who tricked me into believing it was 10 years old and a perma-puppy) 💕 Playing with the parachute and kids running and lying underneath it 💕 The little kid in the light pink faery outfit 💕 April and Jenny helping with the vending 💕My salted caramel milkshake from Miss Twist (Lola buying it) 💕 The little girl with the pink top, gold necklace, and yellow/green tutu 💕 The little girl with the green princess costume 💕 The family with the bright hair (orange mohawk and deep blue) 💕 Liz’s whole outfit 💕 David missing some of the science fair to be there 💕 People wearing/taking the props on the parade 💕 Matt reminding me to drink water 💕 The little girl with the french braid pig tails and green dress 💕 DJ N8 singing karaoke while we were setting up 💕 Gizmo choosing the turtle magnet as her gift 💕 Seeing people camp out under the trees and enjoy the shade 💕The half hour after the DJ stopped playing and people were still enjoying the park 💕 How sincere the kid in the blue Mario shirt was at the bubble gun 💕 The pirate 💕 The Baltimore Sun coming 💕 Unicorn stroller 💕 Rainbow dog 💕 Cassie the rainbow winged queen and her whole squad, honestly 💕 The kid in the lion mane hat 💕 Thing 1 and Thing 2 💕 The kid covered in chocolate 💕 Making it on 365 Days of Baltimore 💕 Being on WMAR 💕 Jenny’s costume

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Thank You

This event was better than others because I realized I can’t do everything myself. Hiring other people and delegating tasks was what took this to the next level. I’m still learning and growing with how to acknowledge everything, but I’m deeply grateful that I was able to be more present during this event and I could not have done that without the following people.

Nate for the vibrant music, mood, and announcements

Mary for the stunning photos and documentation of participants enjoying the event

Darian for the video documentation so we can feel like we were there

Miss Twist and her crew for providing a dessert option to us all

Desmond for taking incredible photos of the photobooth the entire event, troubleshooting the backdrop fabric, and babysitting the photobooth

Lola for figuring out we needed a hot spot to connect the photobooth and sacrificing her phone for the entire event (and for buying me a milkshake)

April and Jenny for stepping in for an absent vendor and running the merch table

Pixilated for the photobooth

Riverside Neighborhood Association for connecting me with services and education

My Dad for helping set up, standing guard, and taking a head count

My Mom for carrying so much, helping with flow, selling, running the merch table, making last minute purchases on the way there for me, and her idea for the hand truck

My Matt for absolutely everything; for carrying everything under the sun, making sure I drank water, bringing me chapstick, noticing things I didn’t, troubleshooting things I couldn’t handle, handling and supporting me when I lost my mind, and being the absolute best in every way

To everyone who dressed up, donated, purchased something, shared the event, came, participated, blew bubbles, had fun, followed me on social media, wished me good luck, told me they saw me on TV, carried something, or supported me on the way here.


You can still make a donation to support the cost of services for the 7th Annual Baltimore Bubble Parade and Uncustomary via PayPal or Venmo (@ merrimentmaker). We appreciate every dollar.