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Hi I’m Mary/Uncustomary!

Uncustomary is here to facilitate you noticing and remembering what is already available inside you and your life.

The potential we all have already exists, we just need to light the candle. She’s here to remind you’ve had the lighter in your pocket this whole time.

She’s currently teaching a technique called Merriment Making, which is a way to inspire self-love via the tactics of confronting fear, embodying joy, and returning our awareness back to the world.

These are not ideas she invented. She’s not the Merriment Maker or the first Merriment Maker. She’s one of many Merriment Makers, just like you.

Also like you, she’s have been in places of absolute darkness. She’s shared space with a dozen mental disorders, addiction, trauma, abuse, self-harm, eating disorders, and suicide attempts.

She uses her past experiences to be an activist for the joy we can feel and kindness we can spread. To create less pain by simplifying lessons for the future.

She believes in science and magic. She’s a practical optimist. She believes in creating your own good news.

Her goal is to create and connect in the streets, secret spaces, and with special someones just like you. Let’s start a Merriment Making Movement.


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Observation, perspective, and the seizing of potential for what is important to YOU is what makes life immensely beautiful.

My goal is to:

+ Facilitate you noticing what is already available in YOU and YOUR LIFE.
+ Remind you of the amazing potential that exists inside of you at every given moment.
+ Demonstrate to you why your perspective is valuable.

You know all these things when you’re born.
If you feel like you forgot at some point, I would love to help remind you.


What People Are Saying About Uncustomary…

  • “Hi, you don’t know me, but I used to work for Leah but she gave me your book. You wrote me this pretty message: ‘You are amazing already. You are enough. Stay strong, stay empowered. You are beautiful.’ I want to tell you that I have read this book so multiple times. I have taken notes in this book. This is like my little bible. You have gotten me through so many dark times. I have gone from 345 pounds to 196 pounds. This book has helped rebuild me, so thank you.” – Kelechi


  • “There were many challenges with recovering from my leg break along with going through pandemic with all kinds of world and energy shifts. Through it all, Merriment Making has been a strong guide for me to manifest healing in body, mind and soul…In light of Merriment… Here are a few things that I came to sense in the spirit of magic: When I hear laughter from my family, friends, community or a stranger, I hear the glorious sounds of magic. Tasting delicious foods is magical and sends me to heavenly heights. Giving and receiving hugs makes me feel the magic of two souls embracing each other with love and healing. Seeing beautiful flowers, a smile, birds, and trees let’s me get a glimpse of the vastness of the magical universe. When I go to the beach and smell the ocean air, I inhale magic. Expanding on my ideas of magic, I allow my imagination to soar into the power of the universe to experience all of life with wonder, delight and gratitude. Thank you so much for this purposeful and zesty journey of Merriment Making!” – Melissa


  • “I’ve been doing coaching work with Mary for a little over 2 years. I am a mental health counselor myself and have used various therapists throughout my life. I have had the most growth while working with Mary. Mary has coached me through depression, anxiety, social anxiety, relationship issues, creative blocks, imposter syndrome, major health challenges, and several other issues.Mary stands out from my previous therapists because she uses her own carefully curated coaching style that allows her to coach in more dynamic ways than some of the other cookie cutter therapy styles out there. Throughout our work, Mary has used a good balance between solution-focused and cognitive-behavioral approaches that she skillfully blends with trauma-informed interventions. I trust what Mary knows because she has lived with mental illness, invested herself in understanding mental health, and is both active and transparent with her own wellness journey. Unlike my previous therapists, Mary has gone above and beyond in helping me find and collect resources for my healing, including informed articles, exercises and techniques, writing prompts, action plans, etc. She frequently invests time outside of our sessions to help me with my goals and setbacks. I know she cares about my wellbeing, and brings her best to all our coaching sessions. I highly recommend Mary to others for coaching and therapy needs. ”- Jenn

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