Empowerment Is Different Things To Different People

When Kim Kardashian posts a censored naked photo of herself on her Instagram account it goes viral. Part of that is because she has a cajillion (scientific figure) followers on Instagram, and part of it is because some people are saying she’s an attention whore and the rest are saying what she’s doing is empowering herself […]

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Color Your Clit: A Zine About Masturbation

This past summer when I launched my Kickstarter campaign, I got lots of e-mails and Facebook messages asking me if my book on self love was actually about masturbation. Now, masturbation is a fabulous aspect of self love, but my book is about much more than that. Recently, I was being interviewed on a podcast and […]

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Black Lives Matter + Feminism

Last April, Baltimore was overcome with emotion that spilled over into protests, riots, and extreme behavior. As much as I hated the violence and destruction accompanied by the riots, I fully understood the emotion behind it. People were angry and they needed to be angry. Too many people actually believe the sarcastic line Tina Fey […]

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