Roadside America: Maryland

It’s that time again! Time for me to share some of the weird and quirky places you can visit in Maryland, courtesy of information from Roadside America. If you’re itching for more cool and unusual places, browse the tag from past posts. And be sure to check out Roadside America to find local attractions in […]

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10 Things Making Me Happy

Oh hey there, sunshine. I want to let you know that from Thursday to Monday I am going to be camping at Playa Del Feugo in Delaware (kind of like a smaller version of Burning Man), and I’m not going to have internet access! There are blog posts scheduled for each day, but I may […]

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William Paca House & Garden

I took the members on a field trip to the William Paca House and Garden in downtown Annapolis. My favorite part was the outdoor area. Look how pretty!  

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