Like all social networks, first impressions and appearances are a powerful currency on Instagram. This is a reason why focusing on Instagram followers is a common practice. Many influencers and businesses are paying to increase their follower count as a higher number of real followers signals the popularity of the content and the channel to the audience and Instagram’s algorithm. However, you can get more followers for free without investing in paid advertising or other expensive strategies.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of getting free followers on your Instagram posts and account. 

Advantages of Gaining Free Followers on Instagram

  1. More followers

Social network users are a trend-based audience. They follow or do what others are following or doing. If there are multiple leading brands or influencers on Instagram, the audience will simply opt for the one that has a large number of followers. This means if your account has a high follower count, it will eventually translate to a higher following rate.

  1. Develop instant credibility

The higher follower count automatically boosts credibility because there is a perception that if any Instagram account has thousands of followers, it might have engaging and original content. Every person thinks if someone is following any account, there might be some solid reason. Increased credibility often provides the ability to compete with others in your niche. The increasing number of followers can be the best strategy to develop authenticity and become a verified brand or business on Instagram. 

  1. Improve visibility in a specific niche

Like other search engines and social media networks, Instagram also uses algorithms to decide which content must appear in the users’ feeds. It helps Instagram audiences to see exactly what they like the most when scrolling through their newsfeed.

The algorithm considers several factors when determining the relevancy, popularity, and visibility of the channel and content in the search results. The follower count and overall engagement are among these important factors. The more followers your channel has, the more it has chances to appear in the news feed of more Instagram users and on the Explore page. It improves the visibility of your Instagram profile, which helps in customer acquisition.

  1. Boosted engagement and expanded reach

As already mentioned above, social network audiences used to go with the latest trends on the platform. Having a constantly increasing follower count can help stay relevant despite ever-changing trends and engage with the target audience. If the followers you are getting are interested in interacting with your content, you can go trending on the platform.

When your followers engage with your content by watching, clicking, liking, or sharing it, it results in the post circulation. The more audience you have on your Instagram posts, the more likely you will connect with them and develop strong relationships with them. However, you need to be aware of the quality of the followers and engagement you are receiving.

The improved visibility and higher engagement can eventually result in expanding your reach because more people will see your posts. Instagram’s algorithm is likely to recommend your content to other users when you have a higher following and post high-quality content regularly. 

  1. Maximize chances of getting endorsement deals

Influencer marketing or endorsement has become one of the most powerful tools to monetize your Instagram account. The increasing follower count tends to grow the influence of your opinion. Once you become a leading influencer, you get access to many advantages associated with endorsement deals.

More brands will be interested in paying you to sell their products if you have a large Instagram following. Every brand will first pay attention to your follower count before making endorsement deals with you. Once you start receiving these deals, you must be attentive to each content or interaction you make because it can impact your chances of getting influencer endorsement. 

Cons of Free Followers on Instagram

  1. No guarantee of ROI

To be successful and make a profit from your Instagram account, you must have thousands of followers from real and active Instagram accounts. With Instagram free followers, you might not experience the ROI (return on investment) you are expecting. You need to take the time to find proven strategies and get followers from reputable sources. 

  1. The risk of getting shadow-banned

Like algorithms, social media networks including Instagram have certain terms of services and use that users need to follow. When getting free followers from unreliable sources with poor engagement and spam comments, you can raise red flags. This can increase your risk of getting banned by Instagram for violating the terms of the agreement. When your followers break the group rules and charges are filed against them for offensive or spam content, then your profile will be blocked or result in any other negative consequence.

  1. Temporary outcomes

Just like paid advertising, free followers don’t guarantee long-term Instagram growth. You need to regularly practice effective strategies and monitor your performance through Instagram insights to keep the initial momentum.

  1. Initial drop in the engagement rate

Attracting thousands of followers to your Instagram account cannot guarantee increased engagement in the long term. When your followers don’t interact with your content, you can’t convert them into your potential customers. You can notice an initial reduction in the engagement rate. You need to post trending and relevant content consistently and engage with your followers to let your engagement rate return to a normal percentage or even higher.

  1. Negatively affect your reputation

Getting free fake followers and other scams can do more harm than good by negatively affecting your brand credibility and reputation. Several Instagram users and companies are nowadays offering free fake followers who will be easily identified by the algorithm and Instagram users. The audience on Instagram can easily create negative opinions when they notice a fraudulent increase in the follower count or overall growth of any Instagram account. So, before getting free followers from any source, you must check the quality and authenticity of the followers.