Hey babes! Today I’m heading out to Playa Del Fuego. If you’re new around here and don’t know what I’m talking about, this post will get you all caught up. I’ll be gone till Monday and without internet or cell service while I camp and tap into my hippie/burner side. Feel free to e-mail me, place orders, and post in the Uncustomary Babes group, but just know it’ll take me a while to respond. But social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) are scheduled for the days I’m gone, so you won’t be left completely colorless!

Here’s some pictures of my past week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * My mom, dad, mom’s boyfriend, and mom’s neighbor renting a Uhaul and filling up with my mom’s client’s completely FREE furniture for Joe’s and my new place this winter. I’m so lucky!! * Girls Night with Laura and Maura * Celebrating Tequila Day without knowing it was Tequila Day (try mixing it with orange soda– seriously!) * Downgrading my packing for PDF and fitting everything into two duffel bags * How long my new phone’s battery lasts without recharging a million times a day * My house being decorated for Halloween * Seeing Bug and my dad spooning, totally asleep * Cristen gifting me a full length mirror and a vintage scale to measure mail * Blorgs * Vintage ephemera * Getting edited photos from Maura and renting the studio for six months to use whenever we want!! * Miracle Mornings * Jack-O-Lantern stamps * Hot pink flowers * Hilarious, kind, and hot Uber passengers * When I took the unicorn balloon from the container at the 10 items of less check-out, the cashier got sad, so I ran over to another register to grab a unicorn and replaced it for her so she had something pretty to look at * Planning things like Instagram and blog posts till the end of 2016

What’s on your happiness list this week?