These days, thanks to technology, there are a lot of mobile apps that are made to meet the specific needs of disabled people. With a variety of features, from helping with communication to helping with mobility, these apps make everyday tasks easier to access and complete. 

In this article, you will explore six essential mobile apps from disability phones that can empower persons with disabilities and improve their daily lives in meaningful ways.

1. Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is an app that sets up live video calls between people who are blind or visually impaired and volunteers who can see. When users need assistance with tasks like reading labels, navigating unfamiliar places, or identifying objects, they can request help from a volunteer. 

2. Dragon Dictation

An app called Dragon Dictation can recognize spoken words and turn them into text. Users can dictate messages, emails, notes, or documents using their voice, eliminating the need for typing. 

If you have trouble moving around or typing because of conditions like arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, this app is especially helpful for you.

3. Assistive Touch

For people who need help using their iPhones or iPads, Assistive Touch is an accessibility feature that lets you use virtual touch controls to move around and control the device. Users can change the Assistive Touch menu to include shortcuts, gestures, and virtual buttons. This makes it easier to do things and get to features without touching the screen or pressing buttons.

4. JABtalk

JABtalk is a communication app made for people who have trouble speaking or understanding language, like those with autism, cerebral palsy, or Down syndrome. The app lets users share their needs, wants, and thoughts through picture-based message boards that can be customized. 

As a way to make socializing and talking to each other easier, users can make their own message boards with pictures and text. 

5. SuperVision + Magnifier

People who have trouble seeing can use the SuperVision + Magnifier app to improve their vision and make things easier to see. The app makes text, pictures, and objects bigger and better in real time by using the camera on the device. For better visibility and readability, users can change the contrast settings, color filters, and magnification levels. 

6. Wheel Mate 

Wheel Mate is an app that helps people who have trouble moving around find parking spots and other facilities around the world that are accessible. In addition to parking spots for people with disabilities, wheelchair-friendly entrances, and accessible restrooms, the app also tells you where to find accessible parking. 

Users can even look for places close by or plan their routes ahead of time to make sure they can get to important facilities no matter where they are.

Improve Quality of Life with These Mobile Apps

Whether it’s enhancing accessibility, facilitating communication, or promoting well-being, these apps offer invaluable support and assistance. So, embrace the transformative potential of technology and explore these apps to unlock new possibilities and opportunities for empowerment.