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It’s the end of February, the month of self love, and I want to celebrate with you by offering the steepest discount on my e-course yet– 60% off!!!

My e-course, Self Love: The Key To Happiness is jam-packed with resources, assignments, advice, and inspiration for leading a happy life where you’re the star, not the supporting character. Check out what students are saying about it!

[pextestim pex_attr_name=”Olivia Dhamee” pex_attr_parallax=”disabled”]”Mary’s Self Love e-course has been a great experience and I’m only a week in! She offers such a rich source of material for me to choose from and I have access at my own convenience, which is perfect for my crazy-busy schedule. I love that her audio recordings feel like hanging out with a girlfriend who has your back! She knows what to say on the topic in an authentic way that I can relate to. Plus she gives multiple tools to make personal progress possible, like playlists to listen to or work sheets to fill out, plus loads of reference material. It’s like a grab bag of self love prompts that I can access any time and anywhere! I’m excited to do the remainder of the e-course and allow Mary’s lessons to inspire me to make positive changes in my life.”[/pextestim]

This offer is only good until the end of Leap Day, February 29th at midnight EST. Leap Day is the day we only get every four years and is symbolic of taking time for something we’re passionate about. You have 24 extra hours; how are you going to use them?! How about to keep the momentum going on your journey of self love!

The link should auto-generate the coupon, but in case it doesn’t, just type in “FLASHSALE” at checkout.

I’m heading to Vancouver now to speak at a symposium about self love, so I’m not sure how much internet access I will have, but I will try my best to answer any questions you might have! I hope you have the best weekend ever!! See you in March, gorgeous!