Operation Merriment
We are people dedicated to creating Random Acts Of Merriment every week.
Every week is inspired by an Unusual Holiday.
The holiday's theme (anything from Zucchinis to Kaleidoscopes!) inspires my creative tutorial I teach to you in five steps or less.
The goal is for you to create your own good news.
Every week you get a video tutorial, pep talk, trivia, history, mood boards, printable downloads, resource links, & lists of ways to celebrate each holiday.
It’s not (just) DIY crafts.
It is perspective shift, creativity, connection, play, and reminders of why it's good to be alive.
Let's Create Good News
We're burnt out on bad news.
We're burnt out in general.
But in order to hear more good news, we have to CREATE it!
Let me simplify how to create good news by giving you step-by-step missions every week to make a difference in your inner and outer worlds!
I want to do is give you super short, simple, and effective ideas of how to FEEL GOOD.
Let's start a Merriment Movement together!
I want to show you how to be your own good news!
Included In Operation Merriment:
Weekly Mission
A space for you to join live. This is the tangible challenge you'll take out into the world with you. Not just theory - action!
Inspiration Mood Board
There is a collection of beautiful images I collect for every mission you to draw inspiration from available for you to download!
Mini Merriment Coaching
Every mission comes with a unique talk about that week's topic. I discuss that topic's history, trivia, and give you a pep talk on why this falls in the scope of being a Merriment Maker!
Tips, Resources,  Printables, + Alternatives
Additional ideas for how to carry out the weekly mission for different abilities as well as different perspectives beyond my own.
Replays + Resource Hub
All replays and resources will be collected in chronological order on Teachable.

The weekly mission is also  written out if you aren't a video person.
Weekly Newsletter
I remind you of the upcoming call with the link and recapping the week, including any pictures you send me as well as my experience with the challenge.
Operation Merriment Makes It Easy To Create Goodness!
The point of Operation Merriment is to show you how easy it is to be a Merriment Maker in real life.
I want to show you how you can make a difference in your own life and other's in as little as five minutes!
There are 5 steps or less with supplies you can find around your home!
I even provide you with pre-made printables depending on the mission for you to make the mission easy as 1-2-3!
You can get as elaborate as you'd like, but the idea is to take the guess work out of the HOW and WHAT. There's no figuring out what you need, when, or where. The only thing you need to do is DO IT.
Let's make creating good news simple with Operation Merriment!
Get out from behind the screens and use our hands, hearts, and heads.
Let's create and connect.
Operation Merriment walks you through you a weekly mission for you to create, embody, and spread joy!
Operation Merriment is now included as part of the Merriment Makers Membership!
Don't Just Think It, DO IT!
Don't just say you like when someone is kind, BE KIND.

Don't just think about making art, CREATE ART.

Don't just theorize about making a change, MAKE A CHANGE.
Completed Missions By Merriment Makers!
Sign up for a 2 week free trial!
About Me
I’m Uncustomary, otherwise known as Mary England, and it’s my passion to assist other people in discovering not only what makes them happy, but how to continue embodying what I refer to as “Merriment” and keep that as a value for consistent joy instead of rapid spikes of euphoria mixed with mediocrity. I also want to help teach and guide those who are interested in how to love and accept themselves (including their lives, bodies, identities, pasts, and more).

I live in Baltimore, Maryland where I am writing my second book and host events for all ages where we can connect to our inner child.

When are the live calls?
We go live on Zoom every Sunday at 12 PM Eastern (Baltimore, Maryland time).
Are there replays?
How long do I have to complete the mission?
The goal is to do the mission between Sunday and Saturday (i.e. before the next mission, so you have a week), but you can take as long as you'd like to do them.
Do I have access to past missions?
Yes, all previous missions are uploaded on Teachable and you will have access to them when you join.
Are there replays?
Yes, Zoom calls are recorded and uploaded to Teachable (and if you're in Merriment Makers, they are also on Facebook).
How do I get the Zoom link?
Whatever e-mail you use to sign up with on Teachable will be added to a newsletter while you're signed up for Operation Merriment and that newsletter will go out with your Zoom link every weekend. The Zoom link does change weekly.
Do I have to come to the Zoom call?
Nope! Everything is optional, as is life. The Zoom call gives you my unique perspective, insight, stories, and visuals for this week's topic and mission, but you can look at the PDF and effectively complete the mission. You can also watch the replay if you choose.
So if I join Merriment Makers, Operation Merriment is free?
Yep! It's included in the Merriment Makers Membership. You get instant access when you join.
If I unsubscribe from Merriment Makers, do I lose access to Operation Merriment?
Yes, if you've gained access to Operation Merriment through Merriment Makers, you will lose access to Operation Merriment when you end your subscription.
Can I still get Operation Merriment on it's own?
Yes of course! This is still a separate offering if this is what you want on its own!
How much does it cost after the 2 week trial?
$40 a month, which is less than $10 a mission! You can cancel at any time through your account on Teachable. These missions take me about 5 hours to research, put together, film, and create.
Q: Is there a cancelation fee?
A: Nope!
Q: If I cancel after getting a free trial, can I start over and get the free trial again?
A: No. If I see you abuse the privilege, I will remove you from the program or ask that if you would like to enroll that you begin payment immediately. The free trial is available for you to test the waters, not to constantly get a free subscription.
How do I cancel?
Go to your profile image, hover over it, click "manage subscriptions", find "Operation Merriment" and select the action you want to take under "actions". This video walks you through it!
Do I have to share photos?
Nope! This is for you. Of course we do love to see photos, so if you do share them, tag me and I'll share them and include them in the weekly newsletter round up.
Do I have to be on social media?
Nope! This is hosted on Teachable, which is a separate non-social media platform. But, if you're a part of the Merriment Makers group, the resources are also shared on Facebook!