Supersonic Self-Love Ep. 3 – The Vortex & Gratitude

Welcome back to the third episode of Supersonic Self-Love! We’re continuing to build a strong foundation of our self-love journey with feeling really good by getting into a magical energetic place called The Vortex, and focusing on Gratitude! This week, I explain what The Vortex is, how to get there, why gratitude practices are so […]

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Supersonic Self-Love Ep. 2 – Magical Daily Routines

Welcome back to the second episode of Supersonic Self-Love! Today we’re continuing to build a strong foundation for your self-love journey with magical daily routines. I’m giving you resources to make this happen, and since we led the way with Micromovements last week, you know that you can make a difference with just 5 minutes […]

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Supersonic Self-Love Ep.1 – Motivation And Procrastination

I’m so excited to announce a brand new video series that’s going to be coming to you every week and fill you up with supersonic levels of self-love! Supersonic Self-Love is a video series to start your week off on a positive note. Every Sunday, I give you a positive affirmation, a homework assignment based […]

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