snail mail game show

Snail Mail Game Show | Round 4

In May, I reignited my Snail Mail Game Show. Last month, you got to see the responses from Round 3. Like you, I was blown away by everyone’s creativity! Today I’ll be sharing the submissions I received from Round 4, but from here on out there’s going to be some changes! The Snail Mail Game […]

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Snail Mail Game Show | Round 3

Last month, I re-introduced my Snail Mail Game Show! Basically, I send you a prompt in the mail, you respond as creatively as you can, you mail it back to me, and I select a winner. This project is loosely based off the spoof game show “Bunk”, that aired for one season on IFC (and […]

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Snail Mail Game Show: Round One

I was really inspired by strange game show ideas after watching the show “Bunk”, on IFC. It’s fantastic and I highly recommend it. I decided to make a snail mail game show based on the activities they do on the show. In August I mailed an envelope to nine people and asked them to “circle […]

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