Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, you lovin’ fools. I’m writing to you from San Francisco, which I can’t wait to share all about when I get back to Baltimore. Although, I kind of don’t want to go back! My desire to live here is stronger than my desire to live in Chicago, which is pretty remarkable after […]

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Love Playlist

Instead of making you a playlist for Valentine’s Day full of romantic songs from the bands I’m really into now, I decided to take a more nostalgic angle. This playlist represents my musical taste from high school,  which is ultimately pop-punk and emo. I hope you enjoy this little journey back with me. = What […]

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How To Handle Heartbreak

Today marks the six month anniversary of when I became single. I wanted to share some things I’ve realized over these last months, and I hope they can help you if you find yourself in a similar situation. Afterwards, if you wish, you can read more about my personal story. Five Heartbreak Helpers – (Almost) […]

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