100 Ways To Be Creative: Decorate Cupcakes

#6 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list was to decorate cupcakes in an awesome way. I am an incredibly awful baker and cook, in all aspects. So I decided to buy pre-made cupcakes, remove the icing, dye it with food coloring, and then decorate as I pleased. The first box allowed me to […]

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Beautifully Painted Restaurant

On Monday I went to Poncho N Pepe’s for the first time. It took the space of a building that used to be called Jasper’s. I used to go to Jasper’s when I was young for formal family dinners. I can’t think of a more drastic change in decor. There is so much color .. […]

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100 Ways To Be Creative: Add Food Dye To Your Meal

#86 on my 100 Ways To Be Creative list was to add food coloring to a meal. So I decided to add blue and red dye to my ice cream that had become soupy. Then I froze it. Then I ate it.FYI: if your ice cream is actually a brownie sundae, it’s likely that the […]

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