community event

Baltimore’s Recess

I was really excited when Jason, of Baltimore’s Playground, reached out to me in September about my Sidewalk Chalk Flash Mob. He told me about his group, and offered for me to advertise my event on their Meet Up page. Looking through their photos, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard about this group before! […]

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Sidewalk Chalk Flash Mob

Every month I am hosting a community event in the Baltimore area. Last month, we made a human rainbow, and this weekend, I brought a bunch of sidewalk chalk to make the ground more colorful and positive! I called it a Sidewalk Chalk Flash Mob, and even though many of the people who said they […]

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Human Rainbow

When I was in fifth grade, the guidance counselor sat me down with another student, and asked if I had any ideas for the school. I immediately said that I would love to have everyone dress up in a color from head to toe, and for us to make a rainbow. So one day, my […]

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