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With an advancement in years comes experience and wisdom, but by no means does this result in a necessity to become sensible and cautious in your everyday life.

Quite the opposite in fact, as now you have the freedom and stability to be able to concentrate on the hobbies, activities, pastimes, and adventures that you enjoy—and here, in an attempt to help you do just that, is how to embrace yourself and your life at 70. 

Stay Flexible!

First and foremost, as understandable as it is as you get older, you may well feel as if tasks and activities that you absolutely adored when you were younger feel much harder—and as a result, you are far more likely to decline an invitation to play tennis for example, because of this. 

However, you should make it a priority to remain as supple and flexible as possible, as in many cases an older adult may be able to entirely eradicate a certain ache or pain by actually using the muscles they fear are no longer functioning properly. 

Beginner’s yoga positions, for example, are an excellent example of how to remain flexible and supple without doing any damage to your body and not pushing yourself too far from your comfort zone. 

Reduce Your Responsibilities

Whether you have raised a family and spent years washing and clothing, and feeding and looking after your children, or you have lived a much more independent life, the time has come to not spend the majority of your day completing household chores.  

This is why you may want to consider active senior living communities as a fabulous alternative to your living arrangements, which will afford you far more of your valuable time to dedicate to living your best life each and every day. 

Embrace How You Look

You may well have spent many, many years concerning yourself with how you look and whilst this is entirely normal and understandable, now is the time to embrace however you look, your size, your skin, and everything else as well. 

If you find yourself starting to become increasingly self-critical whenever you catch sight of yourself in a store mirror, remember that you are one of the lucky ones who have survived thus far and celebrate your wrinkles as a sign of a life well-lived and one which will continue to be fun, adventurous, and exciting. 

Get Out There and Make New Friends!

In this modern world, technology has revolutionized the way people communicate and as such, making new friends who share the same hobbies and interests as yourself has never been easier.

This is by no means an encouragement to start posting content online and compromising your stance on privacy, but perhaps taking a look at Facebook, or another social media platform, may spark new interests. 

Join a community group full of like-minded and similarly aged people who are looking to make new friends and start new activities to widen your social life and ultimately make for a fuller and more enjoyable life.