Urban Myths: Hex House, Devil’s Road, Big Lizz, Goatman, and Murder On Christmas

Part of my Friday adventures tend to have a spooky component since Joe and I are both into haunted things, abandoned places, and urban myths. I was pretty surprised when I would post little snapshots of them to my Instagram Stories and get tons of messages from people who said I was leaving them hanging […]

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Infuse Your Life With Magic: A Free E-Course

It’s been a while since I’ve put out a free e-course, so I wanted to give you babes some new material! A big part of my life in the past couple years has been elements of magic, and many of you seem to really vibe with various aspects of it, whether it’s crystals, moon gatherings, […]

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Illuminated (A Surrealist Garden Party)

David London, the magician and man behind Baltimore’s Circus Of Wonders, recently started working with The Peale Center in downtown Baltimore and put on one of the most amazing events I’ve ever been to, entitled “Illuminated”, a Surrealist Garden Party. Like all the best events I’ve ever attended, it had a common denominator, April, who […]

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