February Is Off To A Great Start

Happy February! It started off with Janice sending me a picture of a tumbleweed that she found for me (in Utah) and was going to mail to me but she couldn’t find a way to ship it for less than $50 so she sent a picture of it to me before she set it off […]

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Year In Review [2011]

So now that I’ve shared with you what my new resolutions are I want to list the things that I accomplished in the past year. I sent out a newsletter to 40 people last Friday and I’ve started hearing that they’ve been received so I feel okay about posting this here now. ūüôā The list […]

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This Must Be It. Welcome To The New Year.

Happy New Year!¬† So here are my resolutions for 2012: + get to page 40 in my personal quote book + lose 30 pounds + install five yarn bombing projects (and photograph them)1¬†2¬†3¬†4¬†5 +¬†visit Canada¬†(or somewhere out of the country) +¬†graduate with my BA in psychology + get swoopy bangs + move in with Matt […]

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