Snap, Crackle, Kindness

This month, my event was about kindness. My idea was to get a bunch of people together to do random acts of kindness at one time. It coincided perfectly with Marielle’s Creative Kindness Month, which you should definitely check out if you haven’t already. She has posted some great challenges, DIY tutorials, and advice, including […]

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World Kindness Day

Yesterday was World Kindness Day! I hope you found a way to celebrate. Being kind is such an important part of being human, and it can really restore someone’s faith in humanity. And guess what? It makes you feel good, too! Being kind (gravity, and science) makes the world go round. Keep it moving!! To celebrate […]

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26 Acts Of Kindness

Last month I saw that Katie Sokoler tweeted that she was going to be participating in the 26 Acts Of Kindness project, as a response to the tragedy in Connecticut. I decided that I would too, and from December 19 – January 14, I worked on doing random acts of kindness for my friends, coworkers, […]

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