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If you're like me, you love listening to things. Music, podcasts, audio books, positive affirmations. I love having sounds on in the background, and the more positive it is the better! I want you to have something you can count on being positive, these pep talks are perfect. What's special about them isn't just the themes or their positivity, but the nature in which they're read. They're literally poetry.

I have a unique energy, enthusiasm, and rhythm in which I deliver them. Many of them were completely channeled and feel like spoken word. It's a new type of creative expression for me to share and it's different than anything I've seen out there in the personal development community.

If you're a creative weirdo who feels more chaotic and overwhelmed than you'd like, get immediate access to 30 pep talks to help you tackle imposter syndrome, boost enthusiasm, and reconnect to your childlike fun.

Get ready to kick ass in your own life and feel good while you do it!
Hi, I'm Mary!
I'm who wrote, read, and designed your pep talks.

I'm passionate about what I call Merriment Making (embodying, creating, and spreading joy).

Realistically, that looks like reconnecting weirdos (like you!) to your childlike fun to help them feel less chaotic and more confident.

I have two degrees in psychology and have run my own business for 10 years. Let me know if you have any questions at uncustomary.org
30 Topics
Keep it fun!
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Q: Do I get everything all at once or are the files released once a day?
A: During the pre-sale frame, you'll get half of the files immediately, and then on Tuesday, December 5th, you'll get the rest of them! You'll have access to the entire catalog always.

Q: Can I download the files?
A: Yes
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